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with Renata Revich 

A safe, comfortable and healing space awaits The Woman in you!  Join myself, along with other fellow Women, as I take you all on a journey of sharing, releasing and healing during this upcoming National Women's Day event.  

Here, we will indulge in conversations that help to gently uncover layers of old residue which have been patiently awaiting their release.  A guided and healing meditation to close the circle will help put it all gently into perspective and place.

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Renata Revich

I myself used to attend a Women's Circle just shortly after saying 'farewell' to a challenging period in my life.  The Circle was such Beautiful Medicine for me.  It helped me realize my true self worth as a Women and Being.  The strength, learnings and healings I received from each and every Circle has always, and will continue, to live within me.  I am grateful to be able to bring forth this medicine to all you fellow Ladies.

Wed April 5th, Wed May 3rd, Wed June 7th  7:00pm - 9:00pm 

Shine on the True, Beautiful and Strong Woman within You