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Who says we have to wait for our yearly Birthday to celebrate and honour ourselves?!?

Feeling a strong need for us Women to come together and have some FUN in this collective journey we are all in together 😍 ✨
As many of us have been experiencing various challenging transitions (especially during this most recent mercury retrograde) let’s shake off our heavy anchors and raise our inner vibrations🌟 ✨
With song, dance, and the reconnection of what it is again to feel Free, Happy, Self Honoured and ALIVE 🙌 ✨
✨If any of the above speaks to you, then this gathering is for YOU✨

🌷OM Toronto ~ 55 Spring Garden Ave. (2nd Floor)

🌸 7pm ~ 9pm (Please arrive by 7:15pm latest for gathering to begin no later than)

💐 Energy Exchange ~ By Donation of Hearts Desire 💖

Much Love and Let’s have some FUNNNN💗🤟

Renata 🙋🏻‍♀️

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Renata Revich

I used to attend a Women's Circle just shortly after saying, 'farewell' to a challenging period in my life.  The Circle was such Beautiful Medicine for me.  It helped me realize my true self worth as a Women and Being.  The strength, learnings and healings I received from each and every Circle has always, and will continue, to live within me.  I am grateful to be able to bring forth this medicine to all you fellow Ladies.

Shine on the True, Beautiful and Strong Woman within You


with Renata Revich 

Usually $25

*by donation for this event*

Thursday March 8th 7pm - 9pm