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Holding ourselves as sacred is an act of self-empowerment.


Engaging with your sacredness as a woman is the single most significant and beautiful gift you can give to yourself. It is an acknowledgment that you deserve nothing less than love, joy, peace, happiness and bliss. 

Beyond that, it is the commitment to receiving these states of being, first and foremost, from yourself.

Our sacredness as women arises from an innate source that is uniquely feminine. Holding ourselves as sacred is an act of self-empowerment.

Feminine sacredness is the energy that contains and informs our self-love, our self-worth, our wisdom, our authenticity, our ability to manifest and our feminine power.

With this power, our internal consciousness starts to shift. Our natural radiance is awakened and life begins to blossom in a different way: without the need to push or crank, struggle or strain.

Consider the following 7 scenarios. If you recognize yourself in any of them, THE SACRED WOMAN could be for you:

Scenario 1:  Life is so hectic that you frequently feel burned out and exhausted. You take time out in the spa, yoga class, meditation or a holiday. It feels good while it lasts, but as you move back into your everyday, you revert to your usual patterns. You realize that little has really changed. 

Scenario 2: You feel lonely. There is a longing in your heart. You either want a partner or you feel disconnected in your current relationship or within your family  or circle of friends. You try various methods to fulfill that longing but nothing is quite right. Nothing seems to change.

Scenario 3: You're "ok" but life just lacks lustre. You move through your days feeling out of focus and often in overwhelm. You yearn for some flow so you can feel energized and excited, but every day seems to unfold in the same old way. You feel stuck.

Scenario 4: You feel out of touch with yourself. You know it has something to do with not loving yourself "enough" but you don't know what that looks or feels like. You keep confusing it with self-care and, when repeated candlelit bubble baths don't work, you find yourself asking "Who am I? What am I here for?" over and over. 

Scenario 5:   You've created a full life but it feels only partially satisfying. You have a nagging sense that there's "something" more. Expansion and depth are calling to you but you don't know how to answer the call. 

Scenario 6: No matter how much you engage in spiritual practices or creative endeavours, you always seem to default to "square one". You feel frustrated and don't understand why you can't move forward.

Scenario 7:  You are further along on your spiritual awakening than you'd ever imagined. Now you're ready for something that will take you to the next level. You're curious and excited to grow.

As THE SACRED WOMAN we sit in circle - the formation of ancient sisterhood. We bypass the mind. We talk little. We feel, we practice, we embody, we allow our own sweet souls to speak to us. If desired, we share. We experience ourselves as never before - changed: lit up, appreciated, beautiful.


We walk back into our everyday lives with practical tools that actually make a difference!

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Ashara Lynn Gorbet

Ashara started her career as a professional Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Teacher in London, England: training, earning 2 degrees in dance and working in professional schools and theatres.

On her return to her native Canada she certified as a Professional Life Coach and established a private practice in 2001.

Through her own inner journey she soon turned her attention to supporting women on their journeys. She designed and delivered experiential workshops to help women become more confident and grounded in self-love through embodiment. This led her to become a Master teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence™ from 2012 to 2014.

In 2015 Ashara felt the call to re-design her offerings in alignment with the New Paradigm energies, New Earth and the Ascension. This shifted her focus and facilitation into an expanded space where embodiment became the primary path - the "secret sauce" - of raising frequency into a higher vibration of Love, Light and Multi-Dimensionality.

Ashara holds space in Circles of Beauty and Light at OM Toronto for an immersion into our palpable "inner body" energy field. Here we find our own unique pathway to connecting and merging with our feminine essence and I AM PRESENCE.

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