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About Larissa – Larissa is a Spiritual Coach & Guide and the Owner of OM Toronto. She is a successful Entrepreneur who has completed courses in Manifesting & The Law of Attraction and is fortunate enough to learn from Bob Proctor and Dr. John DeMartini, who were both featured in "The Secret."

Larissa is a Psychic Medium, Ordained Spiritualist Minister and Metaphysician. She holds certificates in Psychic Mediumship, Reiki,  Spiritual Healing & Counselling, and has studied in Canada and Lilydale, New York.  She has studied Vipassana Meditation and completed a course in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction and Healing Touch. Larissa is passionate about helping people rediscover their own innate healing and intuitive abilities to create lasting and inspired change. Learn more about Larissa by clicking here.

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Larissa & Dr. John Demartini of The Secret

clearing the path to your desire

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Larissa & Bob Proctor of The Secret

This course is influenced by the teachings and insight of Florence Scovel Shinn, Neville Goddard, Napoleon Hill, Dr John DeMartini, Bob Proctor, Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Masuro Emoto, Richard Bandler & A Course in Miracles. Exercises are synthesized,  expanded and inspired by teachers previously mentioned as well as Steve Pavlina, Andy Copanigro, Natalie Ledwell, Dr. Yvonne Oswald,  Bob & Theresa of Mindful Matters, and Vipassana Meditation techniques presented by S. N. Goenka. 

You’ll also:

  • Learn why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for most people and how  to make it work for You
  • Uncover and release the blocks & limiting beliefs that keep you from achieving your goals
  • Discover and put into action effortless changes you can make on a daily basis to connect with others in deep, positive, and fulfilling ways
  • Figure Out what you really want to accomplish and how to turn your ideas into a reality
  • Learn to recognize how the Universe is communicating with you on a daily basis and what you can to to strengthen that relationship
  • Connect with the Universe to co-create your Dreams

Are you struggling to to reach your goals and create the life you want to live? Do you have a dream for something Bigger, Greater, and More Fulfilling but don't yet know how to get from A to B?  Do you know about the Law of Attraction but have not yet figured out how to put it into action to create results? Or are you having trouble releasing the limiting beliefs that keep us from dreaming big and making those dreams a reality? You can change that!

When you know how to effectively put Universal Laws into action, the Universe Aligns so you can create a life you LOVE, a life you find fulfilling and exciting, and one that motivates and inspires you! Let me show you how! 

Join In for this 8 week Course as we Mentor and Coach you through

Manifesting  & The Law of Attraction in a way you've never done it before!

What will we do in class?

We will cover a different topic each week and those topics will include:

  • Clearing the path to Clear Intentions
  • Love & Relationships
  • Weallth & Finances
  • Health & Spirituality
  • Healing & Belief
  • Manifesting your Ambitions
  • Dreaming Big
  • and How to Effectively Support Your Desire to Create the Life you Want to Live

Make your Dreams Come True by understanding and effectively utilizing The Law of Attraction


OM Toronto –  55 Spring Garden Ave  - 2 blocks North of Yonge & Sheppard 
(we are right across from the school yard, where you will see free evening parking)

Date: Manifesting & The Law of Attraction: Supercharge Your Life & Manifest Your Desire

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