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June 8th,  9:30am - 12pm    $35

THE ART OF LETTING GO: Half Day Mindfulness Retreat

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with Felicity Bannister

How to Manage Difficult Emotions

​Felicity Bannister

Felicity Bannister is a Mindfulness Meditation facilitator and founder of MindSana. Felicity has experienced the transformative benefits of fostering her own mindfulness practice and it is her desire to bring these benefits to others.

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The experience of letting go is not automatic; with practice, you can learn to transform it from a state into a trait.We are all subject to difficult emotions. Whether it’s what life brings you, dealing with difficult people, or confronting your negative habits and knee-jerk reactions, managing these emotions can be hard. You need to open up to these feeling in order to let them go. Training in Mindfulness will give you the tools to successfully release the negative and instead, foster positivity, happiness and a feeling of well-being.

This session will help you:

  • Become more self-aware
  • Make a gap between stimulus and response
  • Release negative thoughts and emotions
  • Pay attention to the wisdom of the body
  • Cultivate and foster positive emotions

This session includes instruction, three meditations and time for discussion and questions. It is designed to be accessible and friendly for beginners.

Seating will be on chairs. Cushions and mats will also be available.

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