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Join us on Sunday, July 21st for a morning of connection, transcendence, good eats, good talks, free swag including epic giveaways...and of course a little bit of sweat, and a little bit of SOUL!

Together we will be guiding you through an integrative process that gets you into your body, connect you to source, and helps you release and transcend limiting beliefs and energetic blocks that are keeping you stuck.  Come prepared to move your body, laugh, and get to know yourself a little bit better than you did walking into the space! 

Free Parking: Free Parking & Street Parking are both available. For more details, visit our contact page.

Rachel Joy
Rachel Joy is a Lifestyle Designer and Spiritual Success Coach, guiding women to create the life and biz of their dreams by creating more personal, time, and financial freedom. She uses various modalities from  NLP & EFT coaching techniques, mindfulness and meditation, essential oils, and Reiki. Rachel takes a unique perspective to manifest your dream life and biz. Our mind, body, and spirit must be in alignment and at optimal performance, in order to show up fully for life! 
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Katie Miller

Katie Miller is a certified Fitness Coach dedicated to helping women lose fat, step into their happiest, most balanced authentic selves. Katie guides women to shift their mindset to help them discover what a balanced lifestyle means so that they can use the tools that I teach them to serve them for life! Katie's had the pleasure of individually working with over one thousand women by both coaching or training them toward their lifestyle goals.
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July 21, 2019 - 10:30 am - 1:30 pm

more fun and active take on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday to access your higher self.

with katie miller and rachel joy

Price $30.00