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Healing of the Soul through Sound & Dance

Thursday Oct 17 2019 7:30pm - 9pm

$40 at the Door

The Multidimensional Musician, Sound Healer, Sacred Musician and Druid - Darren Austin Hall - brings you a soulful evening event of Sound Healing & Ecstatic Dance.

Everything is made of energy, and at the cellular level, we humans (along with everything else) operate vibrationally. 

As we awaken to the vibrational essence of reality and its multidimensionality, we are learning (or rediscovering) sound and music can offer profound healing and transformation physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. 

Moreover, our thoughts, feelings and intentions also radiate vibrational-energetic power; we are beings of energy, tousled relentlessly with the fabric of the universe. 

Sound is the Medicine Practiced by the Universe and Sound Healing & Dance specifically meets you where you are.  

By activating numerous systems inside of you, using this modality will help you activate your body’s deep healing response system, which simultaneously helps you detox your immune system and emotions. 

Most importantly, this chain reaction instigated from the vibrational tones of crystal bowls allows you to reconnect with who you truly are.

Moving to the rhythms of sacred sound, is medicine for the body, mind, and soul. Though some would say it has been lost in the modern world and only practiced by ancient cultures and shamans, Darren Austin Hall after experiencing Shake Medicine's powerful wellness effects, has brought it back in a conscious community.

Join me and let’s enjoy this beautiful experience together!

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Sound Healing & Ecstatic Dance

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Darren Austin Hall
Darren Austin Hall has spent much of his life being enchanted by the sacred power of music and sound. Initially, Darren discovered this ability during his childhood, when in moments of solitude, he would find himself impressed upon by a critical mass of interstellar music and channeled sounds. From his earliest memories as a child, Darren recalls hearing music constantly in his mind, so much so that every night he would sing himself to sleep, sometimes upwards of hours, while trembling in ecstatic in his bed and even banging his head on his pillow as a makeshift drum. He noted that especially when he was ill with fever or some other illness, he would go to this ecstatic practice of music as a means to bring him back to health, intuitively so.

Darren’s unique journey, and multi-disciplinary approach has been nourished by his learning under a diversity of extraordinary teachers, including Dr. Bradford Keeney, who abandoned conventional psychotherapy in order to investigate and study shamanic practices. Dr. Keeney acknowledged Darren’s song channeling gift as a remnant of the ‘song-catching’ skills of the shamans of the San Bushpeople of the Kalahari. Ultimately, it was his encounter with astrologer and Ayurveda teacher, Luiza Ormonde, that guided him toward sound healing.

Darren also trained with Svikiro (traditional healer) and Mhondoro (peacemaker) from Zimbabwe, Mandaza Kandemwa, Druid Alan Reed, Stephen Jenkinson, Mayan Neo-Shaman, Aum Rak, Qigong master, Ken Cohen and Dr. Gabor Mate. Darren is also passionate about ecovillage and spiritual community and has visited and live at Findorn in Scotland, Pacha Mama in Costa Rica and Auroville in India where he also taught yoga and sound healing workshops.
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