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Breathwork journeys are open to everyone.
We’ll be using a combination of guided breathwork and partner sharing to release stuck emotions, heal old wounds and find freedom from the past. If you haven’t tried breathwork before, it’s an incredibly powerful, emotionally charged process that delivers profound – and possibly lasting – relief.

What we do…
We’ll begin with a guided mindfulness practice, short balancing & strengthening breathing exercises, followed by an hour of guided breathwork to a carefully curated playlist. We will finish our journey with a partner sharing exercise.

You’ll leave feeling vital, light, energized and connected to the world around you – at minimum.

Beyond that, the breathwork gateway offers deep healing, spontaneous freedom from stuck places, physical and mental relief, greater joy and aliveness and a stronger connection to your Essence.

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Thursday December 5 2019 6:30pm - 9pm

Natalia Ria

Natalia Ria empowers women who've had little to no emotional nurturing in their upbringing to transform inner patterns of invisibility and aloneness. Through the use of rituals, the wisdom of the cycles of nature, breathwork, sacred feminine practice & inner child reconnection, she helps women find new levels of self-advocacy, healing, belonging, confidence and strength. Visit here site at


release stuck emotions, heal old wounds and find freedom from the past

$45+HST at the Door

(Nov 29 - Dec 5)

$35+HST Early Bird

(Until November 28)