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Increase your Self-Worth to increase your Net-Worth

SELF-LOVE FRIDAY - Love Yourself to Success.

​​Friday March 31st 9:00am - 2:30pm 

Women-only event hosted by Bonnie Chan

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Bonnie Chan - Connectors Academy
Hosted by Bonnie Chan aka @Bonniepreneur

Bonnie Chan, a Business Networking Specialist, Founder of Connectors Academy who is passionate about sharing the power of connections to help you make progress everyday.

Accelerating the path to your success with the right connections.

Laura Slinn & Bonnie Chan as they talk about the Science and Secrets of Successful Relationships!

This juicy section will include:

  • 1. Learning how unconscious beliefs are creating the reality in relationships, not just with those you care most about but with yourself too. 
  • 2. Discovering the science behind the "honeymoon effect' and gain new insights into how you can correct it (or avoid it altogether!)
  • 3. Learning some simple secrets that can reignite or even rescue any romantic relationship!

  • Facilitated heart-to-heart networking with Bonnie Chan