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Natalia Ria

Natalia Ria empowers women who've had little to no emotional nurturing in their upbringing to transform inner patterns of invisibility and aloneness. Through the use of rituals, the wisdom of the cycles of nature, breathwork, sacred feminine practice & inner child reconnection, she helps women find new levels of self-advocacy, healing, belonging, confidence and strength. Visit here site at

This circle is for women who want to reconnect with their feminine essence and belong with other women in a safe, nurturing container. Together, we’ll give and receive deep nurturing from each other, in body and soul, so we can melt our guards and fill our inner heart well with loving nourishment.

You are welcome as you are, Dear Woman. Do not wait until you’re healed, or less insecure, or more accomplished. Or whatever less or more you feel you need to be. Come as you are. And know that you Belong. As you are.

We will be sharing practices that will help you connect with other women and also, self-reflect. Our practices include:

  • Feminine nurturing touch
  • Chanting (sanskrit, english)
  • Movement
  • Embodiment practices to connect with the sacred feminine in dyads and triads
  • Ritual


  • Healing patterns of aloneness & invisibility 
  • Heart-felt connection with other women & support
  • Healing the sisterhood wound
  • Like-hearted friendship & belonging
  • Deep nourishment-filling your inner heart well 
  • Reconnecting with the sacred feminine within yourself


One of the core practices of the Sacred Nurture Circle is respectful, nurturing touch. A guideline about respectful touch/boundaries will always be provided at the beginning of our time together. If receiving and giving nurturing touch is not something you are open to at this time, this circle is not right for you.

Our circle is interactive. I will be guiding you into embodiment/movement/sharing practices in dyads and triads. This is not a pop-corn style circle with multiple speakers. Our work in partners/triads allows for safety, deeper intimacy and personal connection with other women. 

If you would like to attend the Sacred Nurture Women's Circle and have questions/concerns. please get in touch with me here:

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Thursday November 21 2019 7pm - 9pm

With Natalia Ria 

$25+HST Early Bird

(Until November 14) 

reconnect with Your feminine essence

Sacred Nurture Women's Circle

$30+HST Regular Price

(November 15 -21)

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