Do you feel tired at home? 

Would you like to make your home a better place to recharge your energy? 
Learn how to raise your vibration by re-programming the energy in your home.

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Identify the types of energy in your home
  • Clear energy blocks 
  • Balance the energies around you
  • Heal your home 
  • Raise your home vibration
  • Raise your life vibration
  • Prepare energy filters

Ana Carolina will present Feng Shui and energy management techniques to improve the energy flow in your home. 

Participants will take home a list of recommendations.

Blossom the best in your home!

Free Parking: Free Parking & Street Parking are both available. For more details, visit our contact page.

Re-Programming the Energy Around You 

With Ana Carolina

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$34 Early Bird

Ana Carolina
Relationship Consultant & Feng Shui Master

Ana Carolina is an intuitive relationship consultant and Feng Shui Master whose passion is to help people dealing with each other by teaching practical tools and techniques. As a permanent learner of feelings and energy management, her workshops are based on her expertise and own experiences with people at different types of relationships. She has a Master of Business Administration with specialization in strategy and people’s behavior (Schulich School of Business/York University).  She is also the founder of Sunflower Relationships which provides consulting services to clients interested in improving their relationships with different people and situations in their lives. Consider yourself a sunflower and imagine that each of your petals is a relationship with someone who is part of your life. The more vibrant and healthier is each petal, the more beautiful is this flower as a whole. You can visit her website here

$45 at the Door

Heal your home and raise your vibration 

Friday November 22 2019 6:30pm - 9pm