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RAISE YOUR VIBRATION with Sound, Love & Light

Deenah Dunkelman Mollin
Deenah Dunkelman Mollin is an intuitive healer and Reiki master residing in Toronto.With a passion for "bringing spirituality out of the closet and into our every day lives"she has co-written and produced guided meditations, manufactured a line of organic, fair trade and sustainable products, and was founding director of Journeys in Film Canada, an interdisciplinary program teaching children about inclusion, culture, media literacy and the value of compassion.

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Friday June 9th 7:00pm - 9:00pm

Join Lightworkers Deenah Dunkelman Mollin and Dawn James for a transformational healing experience, as they share the energy of sound, love and light, to enrich your life. Enjoy this 2 hour workshop with a gentle balance of activity for you to relax, receive, recalibrate and raise your vibration!
SOUND VIBRATIONS: experience the uplifting and harmonic vibrations of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, steel tongue drum and tuning forks played by host Deenah and Dawn. The alpha tones created in this session promote relaxation, expanded consciousness and increased sense of joy and peace.
LOVE VIBRATIONS: Deenah will be guiding our group through a grounding meditation, followed by an introduction to EFT. This effective healing technique will gently assist in removing emotional blockages and limiting beliefs, while reminding  you how great it feels to be kind to yourself. Encouraging the alignment of body, mind and spirit through the use of tapping on designated meridian points, in tandem with the simple but powerful affirmations, you will begin to feel an immediate sense of relief and release.  Once learned, this tool can be used anytime and anywhere, to keep you in balance and on a positive path.
LIGHT VIBRATIONS: The healing session will close with Dawn sharing lessons learned from her spiritual awakening in 2003 and how she shifted to living a conscious life as well as a few techniques for clearing your energy field and raising your personal vibrational frequency.
There will be a draw for one lucky participant to win a autographed copy of Dawn’s newest book How to Raise the Vibration around You

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WITH Deenah Dunkelman Mollin & DAWN JAMES

An Uplifting Harmonic experience

Dawn James
Dawn James is the founder of an organization dedicated to providing education, inspiration and support related to understanding and enhancing vibrational frequency for overall health and well-being

In 2003, following a spiritual awakening, Dawn became a sound healer and writer. She is the author of the best selling book Raise your Vibration, Transform Your Life: A Practical Guide for Attaining Better Health, Vitality and Inner Peace, (English and Spanish), and the book How to Raise the Vibration around you.  She has lectured and taught workshops in Canada, USA, UK, Costa Rica and Mexico. She is an international speaker, green living advocate, musician and mentor.