Have you ever wondered WHY you can't seem to get over that past trauma, hurt, or chaos? What about the relationship that could have worked out If Only "_____." HOW COME you can't break free of repeating patterns or why you just cant

Our mind is POWERFUL and we are programmed from a young age to take on other people's beliefs about the the world. Whether it's perceptions about money,  relationships, being "enough" or "too much"

In this workshop you will identify

. In this 2 day Course, I will teach you how to navigate your mind in a way 


  • What is a limiting belief and does it really impact my life?
  • How can I break the patterns I keep repeating?
  • How can I experience freedom and abundance in finance and work
  • Is it possible to get on the same page as my partner or find "the one?"

In this two day course we will:

  • Learn about Quantum Leaps/Jumps from an atomic level scaling upward to those that impact our current reality
  • Explore the structures that create limiting beliefs and break through the beliefs which no longer serve
  • Dive into the 7 areas of life including Spiritual, Mental, Work, Finance, Family, Social & Physical to identify areas where you are getting stuck and empower each of these 7 areas to create a life which is aligned and congruent with your desires.
  • Identify past chaos, trauma, and challenge to clear transform unresolved hurt into equlibrated perception
  • Discover how those old stories and relationships you can't seem to get over have actually been working for you, helping you to create the life you desire.
  • Neutralize the emotions that have been running your life and experience freedom from the suffering of a polarized mind.

Who can attend this course?:

  • This course is open to anyone who is willing to do the work. If you are willing to put in the time and energy, you will experience transformation. 
  • Those with an interest in human behaviour, psychology, belief-systems, morality, quantum fields, alternate realities, manifesting and the law of attraction may have a special interest in this course.

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larissa dzamba

Transformation Coach / Founder of OM Toronto

Larissa is a Demartini Method Facilitator and NLP Coach who inspires, empowers, and supports her clients on their path of healing and self-discovery. By teaching real-life tools and techniques to create lasting and measurable results, Larissa helps you to collapse the limiting-beliefs which cause stagnation, so you can break through the suffering and experience freedom. Whether working one-on-one, teaching classes, or leading entrepreneurs, Larissa teaches you how to dream big, achieve your goals and uncover your innate gifts and values to live an inspired life. http://www.larissadzamba.com/

free yourself from the belief systems

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