Saturday April 18thth & Sunday April 19th, 2020 10am - 6pm 

2 Day Intensive to Re-awaken your gifts


With Larissa Dzamba


Larissa Dzamba

Psychic Medium, Trained Metaphysical and Spiritual Coach

Larissa is the creator of OM Toronto and the lead Psychic Medium, Spiritual Coach, and Energy Healer. As a child she would have tea parties with Spirit and share wisdom and insight with others, which was well beyond her years of experience. She has always been sensitive and connected to the Earth, but it wasn’t until her 19th year when her Grandfather passed away that her belief-system shifted and her gifts re-emerged, taking center stage through apparitions, physical mediumship, and clear Spirit Communication.  Eager to understand this communication, Larissa began her journey of personal and psychic development, working with Mediums, Healers, a wisdom keeper of the Oglala Sioux, and Shamans to further understand and develop her gifts. After a decade of training and learning, Larissa works regularly with clients and students, offering classes, private readings and hands on healing, and spiritual coaching. She inspires, empowers and supports her clients and students by teaching real-life tools and exercises to create lasting results, as they rediscover their innate gifts, inner wisdom, and their passion for this beautiful life! Learn More about Larissa by visiting her personal site and clicking here

Toronto Dates:

April 18 & 19

$199+HST Early Bird

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$299+HST Full Price

We are each born with psychic abilities and through conditioning have forgotten how to use and access these gifts. As a child, you may have had imaginary friends, or a knowing about something before it happened. You might have had gut feelings about people or a deep connection with animals, nature, or perhaps you were wise beyond your years. Maybe you’ve even walked into a room and sensed the energy, but couldn’t explain it or been thinking of a friend the moment before they called you. As an adult, you may experience an anxiousness or loneliness that suggests to you there is something more, but you can’t put your finger on it. All of these experiences may be signs that your inner intuitive is trying to emerge and experience your innate gifts of connection! Now is a beautiful time to re-awaken your sacred gifts, as you access your highest consciousness, draw on the wisdom of Universal Knowledge and connect with your Guides and Angels. 
In this work show you will Learn how to

  • Connect to your higher self
  • Identify the difference between your thoughts and Spirit Communication
  • Meet one of more of your Spirit Guides or Angels
  • Discover Your Strongest intuitive gift(s) (we all have at least one!)
  • Identify symbols and communication from Spirit
  • Best Practice to support your growth and development
  • Discover how to recognize the presence of Spirit and choose how and when to receive
  • Deliver accurate and meaningful readings on the first day!
  • Feel, See, and Read Energy

What you can expect
Larissa creates a fun, healing, and playful space for personal development, growth, and rediscovering your gifts! As an internationally trained Metaphysician and Psychic Medium, she has a deep respect for this sacred work and will teach you best practices around message work and delivery, through challenging and exciting exercises, as you watch your gifts re-emerge before your eyes! This will be an intensive training, where you are invited to step outside of your comfort zone, test your boundaries around message work, and push yourself to deliver meaningful and healing messages AND this is an encouraging and supportive environment, so your boundaries and comfort around message work will always be considered.


$199 Early Bird
$299 Full Price

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