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About Lynne Nusyna

Lynne Nusyna is a highly accurate spiritual channeler.  Her clients come from all over the world to seek out guidance for all aspects of their life.  Her widely open spiritual channels are amazing.  Her Third Eye Images, and Messages from souls …past and present…are truly inspiring.  Experience this special time with Lynne.  It will be unforgettable.

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Receive A Soul Reading and Life Guidance from Lynne Nusyna

Master Lynne Nusyna M.Ed  is a top Soul Reader and Soul Communicator.  She is a Master Teacher and Disciple of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, trained by him personally.  She is a gifted Healer.  She is an experienced Psychotherapist and Business Coach. She is the author of Bringing Spiritual Wisdom to Your Daily Work.

Master Lynne will do a personal reading connecting with your soul and your spiritual guides. She will recommend ways to heal and transform any aspect of your life. The highest transformation of life is possible through life guidance.

You can focus on:

  • Love and Relationships
  • Health and Wellness
  • Emotional and Mental Issues
  • Career and Finances
  • Business
  • Spiritual Journey

“Heal the Soul First; then Healing of the Mind and Body Will Follow. Master Lynne’s deep insights and teachings will inspire you” - Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

 "To receive guidance through Master Lynne is special.  It has helped me more than I can say” - Avi Sangha, Brampton Ontario

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M.Ed, Master Soul COmmunicator


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Satuday May 19th *contact Lynne to book your session

   20 Minutes for $45