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​Lynne Nusyna

Lynne Nusyna, M.Ed, is a Master of Soul Communication.  Her open third eye, direct access to soul wisdom and the akashic records which carry the history of every soul has served 100s of people worldwide.  She brings her deep experience as a teacher, counsellor and speaker to each workshop and works with people using their own experience to take them further on their journey.   You can contact Lynne at: or  647.885.2268​

Saturday June 15th, 2019 - 10:30 am to 4:30 pm


Everyone has the potential to open their spiritual channels.  It is part of the ‘toolkit’ we bring with us when we come into our physical/human life.  To open your channels and communicate with the soul world…your own soul, all souls past and present….is to access wisdom and high-level guidance for your human and soul journey.  This workshop gives you the overview of all the channels…..soul language (the unique language of your soul), your third eye (the receptor of images from the soul world), direct soul communication (information and guidance from all souls) and direct knowing (highest ‘intuitive channel).  Learn about and practice building a strong foundation through key energy centres and chakras. 

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