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WELCOME! Doors Open at 11:00am!

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11:00am DOORS OPEN

Recharge your Soul with FREE Workshops, Lectures and Mini-Classes in the beautiful OM Toronto Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre. All are Welcome!

It’s going to be another AMAZING day together!* Drop in for a Workshop or two or stay for the day!


11:15am - Rev. Sheila Scott

Aura Readings: Join in as Rev Sheila Scott delivers Aura Readings to attendees and answers questions about the field, sensitivities, and energy!

11:40am - Orion Mott

Pineal Activation & Intro to Remote Viewing: Guided Meditation &  Learn how to develop your ability to see with your mind’s eye!

12:05pm - Sunny Miller

Balance your Chakra with Food: Do you know what you eat can affect your chakra? The food we eat doesn't only nourish our physical bodies, it also feeds our soul! In this short talk, learn about the chakras, what foods to eat to support them and how to integrate those food choices into your daily life.

12:30pm - Shiraz Baboo

Changing Your Reality Like Magic: Shiraz will talk about how your beliefs are creating the reality you're currently living in and how simple changes to your beliefs can actually change the results you get without you having to change what you're doing.

12:55pm - Renata Revich

Connect with YOU: How are your Self Care commitments looking for 2018 so far? How amazing would it be to be able to take time for yourself and connect with your self care needs to the fullest of your abilities?
Many of us just want to be Stress FREE and HAPPY! But what does this REALLY mean and look like for you? It all comes down to Self and Personal CONNECTION. Learn about the self connecting benefits of Healing Circles and experience a Guided Meditation, as you allow yourself to completely let go of any un-welcomed stresses and energies that may be holding on to your body, mind and soul. 

1:20pm - Bonnie Chan

Connector's Mindset Training: How can you take better control of your communication with yourself so that you can communicate optimally in all aspects with others? From this intro, you will get new insights on how you can better understand others and how to gain more control of our own internal processes. This leads to more freedom mentally, empowered responses, and mindful interactions with others. We will then translate all of this and talk about how you can share your super powers with your communities by showing up as your most empowered self!

1:45pm -  Fatima Ho

What is Tapping and what can it do for me?: Tapping is the self-help version of EFT/Emotional Freedom Techniques and involves tapping on specific  acupoints to promote flow of life force energy through the body, to release blocks, pain, discomfort and dis-ease. By tapping on these points and releasing the block, peple experience results from stresses in everyday life, to anxiety relief, weight loss, and letting go of fears and phobias! Tapping is also used to promote peak performance in sports and music and academics, Self-soothing in kids for everyday problems, and increasing their Emotional Intelligence! Clear out some junk as you experience a round of tapping!

2:10pmElizabeth Tara & Camille May

The Alchemy of Forgiveness: Allow Elizabeth & Camille to hold you in the space of Divine Healing, as they share about Forgiveness, the soul level healing that comes with this practice, and how to Let Go of that which no longer serves you.

2:35pmCatherine De'Ath

Bellyfit Flow: Shake your Shakti during the 7th Inning Stretch, with low impact movements to recharge your body through hip centered movement.Get your Groove On, as you raise your vibration and move your body! Catherine will share movements that can be done in or in front of your chair, to help get everything flowing!  

3:00pm - Oksana Simpson & Larissa

Intro to a Course in Miracles: Oksana and Larissa will speak about how 'A Course in Miracles' has changed each of their lives for their better and provided an alternative way of thinking about life, relationships and community. Brief Q&A to follow

3:15pm  Peter Touchstone

Reiki and Singing Bowls: A Group Healing: Lift your mind body and spirit to a more balanced state of being, as Peter offers a group Reiki Healing and smudging and clearing session, which you will feel through all your senses.Feel the sounds of healing from crystal bowls and a Tibetan bowl to balance your chakra energy centers.

3:45  Larissa Dzamba

Transparency and Surrender: Overcoming the Crippling Fear that Separates us from Our Purpose:  Do you feel like you should have it all together by now? Have you ever held back your story or ideas for fear of being judged? Join Larissa as she shares her story and tools relating to navigating fear, wanting to "fit in" and living outside of the box.  

September 22nd, 11:00am - 4:00pm

OPEN HOUSE!YOU are invited!

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