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OM SHOWCASE: A Fundraiser for CAMH Mental Health

This is a Fundraiser

Help us reach our goal of $5,000 to support Mental Health Programs

Suggested Minimum Donation is

$25 at the Door

RSVP to let us know to expect you! <3

May 5th, 2019 11am - 5pm. Drop-In or Stay for the Day


Mini-Workshops, Demonstrations, Laughter & Inspiration!

Together we can break down stigma, fund innovative research, and provide access to new and promising treatments for people living with mental illness.

More info to come! We Welcome all who are interested in Joining the Team, Donating, or Sharing the link. More info by clicking here

Time: 11:00 - 11:45 am  Drum Circle

with Larissa Dzamba
Come join us for a Drum Circle! BYOD (Bring Your Own Drum or Noisemaker or we have some on site) as we clear the path for a day of Fun, Play & Connection!

Time: 12:15 pm  Bringing your Magic to Life 
with Carine Sroujian

Just imagine if your life truly fulfilled you. What if you woke up every day knowing that you were aligned with your purpose, making a difference and doing exactly what you love? What if you found your flow, started using your strengths and passion to bring your magic to life and bring more magic into your life? Come learn how to let go of limiting beliefs, fears, the ordinary and the expected, for the magic, joy, confidence and purposeful life you know you’re meant for through a:

  • Guided ThetaHealing meditation powered by universal energy to deeply connect with your purpose and vision
  • A Kundalini Yoga kriya to bring clarity and tap into your own magic

Time: 12:45 pm  Relax and Realign Yourself
with Jenny Taylor

Take the stress off and allow your body to heal.  The Align Systems is a gentle touch therapy, which taps into the body's own innate intelligence to restore postural alignment, pain management and stress reduction. 

Time: 1:15 pm Nourishment that feed us, but doesn’t come on a plate
with Wendy Tunney

Are you living life or going through life?  Come discover what areas of your life could use a little more attention to spark extra joy and satisfaction!

Time: 1:45 pm  Hypnosis for a more comfortable Childbirth
with Rev. Sheila Scott

"Are you planning on becoming pregnant, are expecting a baby, or know someone who is? Come and learn why women experience pain during childbirth and how hypnosis can help them have easier, calmer more comfortable and sometimes even painless births with self-hypnosis. Rev. Sheila Scott is a Master Hypnotist with specialized training in hypnosis for childbirth, sometimes called Hypnobirthing. She teaches hypnosis for childbirth to expectant mothers at OM Toronto.

Time: 2:15 pm  Awaken to Your Soul’s Potential
with Master Lynne Nusyna

  • Wake up to your spiritual path
  • Wake up to your higher consciousness
  • Wake up to your life purpose
  • Wake up your healing power
  • Wake up your spiritual/soul communication channels

Time: 2:45 pm Get Unstuck and Unlock Your Amazing Life
with Fiona Bennett

When we are stuck in self-doubt & don't think we are good enough it affects us in so many ways. We can feel like we are so alone, like we are drowning in quicksand and we are never going to get out.  I will show you that it is possible and that it doesn't have to take forever!  

Time: 3:15pm Discover Your Top Values
with Larissa Dzamba

Do you compare yourself to other people and feel like you don't live up to others? Do you easily see their success, without recognizing your own? Join in for this mini-workshop as we use the Demartini Values Determination Process to discover your own Top Values and stop comparing to others, so you can start living in your unique gifts & inspiration!

Time: 4pm Closing Circle

with OM Toronto Team

Let's close this day with moments of reflection, gratitude, and a healing meditation, as we come together in Community for the opportunity to connect and share!

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