larissa dzamba

Reiki Master & Teacher / Intuitive Guide & Mentor

Larissa inspires, empowers, and supports individuals who are on their path of healing and self-discovery by teaching real-life tools and techniques to create lasting and measurable results. Whether working one-on-one, teaching classes, or mentoring entrepreneurs, Larissa teaches you how to dream big, achieve  healing, and uncover your innate gifts and abilities to create a life you love and are passionate about. Visit Larissa's Website

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Rev. Sheila Scott

Minister, Healer, Psychic Medium

Rev. Shiela Scott is a Reconnective Healing Practitioner, a Reiki Master, an Animal Reiki Master, an Angel Reiki Master, a Level 3 Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner (IET) for people and pets, a certified Spiritual Healer and a certified Spiritual Animal Healer.

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OM Members are dedicated to Excellence and providing the OM Toronto Community with classes and workshops for personal development, spiritual growth, and connection! These members are an integral part of our community and work to provide fun, interactive opportunities for learning, healing, fellowship & connection!    


Spiritual Healer

Elizabeth Tara, spiritual healer, has been of service within the healing community for 20 years, often in an advisory role to bring personal healing and cohesiveness, integration into families. She is co-founder of My Divine Om, a body established to bring about personal healing, growth and transformation of human consciousness. Elizabeth's Website

Peter Touchstone

Reiki Master

Peter is well versed in both corporate and energy work, bringing a grounded clarity and sage wisdom to his work as an energy facilitator. He is passionate about each client's wellness and has a deep sense of integrity and kindness, which makes each person feel safe and supported in his presence.      Peter's Email 

Mark Yin

Registered Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher

Mark is a Registered Massage Therapist, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT), and holds a BA in kinesiology. He combines his knowledge from all three fields to solve problems for clients. He helps clients relieve pain, look better, and boost energy by correcting poor body postures. Ready for a Massage or Private Yoga session with Mark? Contact Mark:  Mark's Email

Master lynne NUSYNA 

Energy Facilitator

Master Lynne is the founder of Master Sha’s Tao Healing Centre in Toronto (2010).   She offers service throughout the Greater Toronto area, and remotely worldwide, as a spiritual teacher, health practitioner and counselor. She is a powerful dynamic speaker and facilitator.  Her spiritual communication abilities are just one of many gifts that provide extraordinary insight into the journeys of all that come to her workshops and personal consultation.

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 Intuitive, Inspirational Speaker & Teacher

Camilla May is a gifted intuitive, inspirational speaker and teacher. She is an expert in the healing arts, multidimensional consciousness, intuition and meditation encompassing over 20 years of training and experience. She uses her shamanic gifts to enter into mystical states of consciousness for healing and problem-solving.  Visit Camilla's Website

Orion mott

Mind Body Spirit healer, Reiki Master, and BodyTalk practitioner

Orion specializes in healing the physical body by connecting with your innate body wisdom and allowing it to guide your unique healing process. He is pioneering a technique called Energy Neuroplasticity that uses the Kundalini energy of the spine combined with specific energy modalities to heal symptoms of concussions, neurological diseases, and migraines. Orion teaches a Pineal Activation (3rd eye) and Heart Clearing technique that will improve your perceptions and relationships with loved ones as well as your relationship with yourself. Contact Orion: Telephone (416) 801 - 0142  Visit Orion's Website    Orion's Email  

Fatima Ho

Holistic Health Practitioner

Fatima's background in dentistry and homeopathy, together with formal training in hypnosis and emotional health, have given her a special interest in issues such as tooth grinding and TMJ dysfunction, as well as phobias, panic attacks, night terrors, and sleep apnea. She teaches dental professionals how to integrate homeopathy within their dental practice and enjoys working with children with behavioural and sensory challenges. She takes a holistic approach to health as it is her belief that many factors, such as emotional distress or toxins in our environment, can lead to physical manifestations of dis-ease. 

Fatima's Email    Fatima's Website

Shiraz Baboo

Energy Facilitator

Coming from a variety of modalities, Shiraz uses a combination of life coaching and his own unique intuitive energy facilitation to affect great change in people’s lives. Shiraz has the ability to identify the belief patterns that are keeping you from  living the life you desire. He will trace the beliefs back to their source and help you to release the hold they have on you. Working with Shiraz can affect any area of your life including relationships, career, finance, and health. Visit Shiraz's Website


Connectors Academy

Bonnie Chan, a Business Networking Specialist, Founder of Connectors Academy who is passionate about sharing the power of connections to help you make progress everyday.

Accelerating the path to your success with the right connections.

Visit Bonnie's Website    aka @Bonniepreneur

Renata Revich

Facilitator of Women's Healing Circle at OM

I myself used to attend a Women's Circle just shortly after saying 'farewell' to a challenging period in my life.  The Circle was such Beautiful Medicine for me.  It helped me realize my true self worth as a Women and Being.  The strength, learnings and healings I received from each and every Circle has always, and will continue, to live within me.  I am grateful to be able to bring forth this medicine to all you fellow Ladies.

OM memberS

liz rubie

Scientist / Holistic Nutritionist / Live Blood Cell Analyst

Liz is a scientist at Mount Sinai Hospital and a Certified Holistic Practitioner. By applying her breadth and depth of knowledge to her Holistic work Liz is able to bridge the gap between science and energy modalities, providing her clients with the knowledge of a seasoned medical professional with the warmth and compassion of a Healing Touch Practitioner.

Liz offers Live Blood Cell Analysis, Holistic Nutrition, and Healing Touch treatments at OM.

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