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Meditation, Healing & POTLUCK. YUM!

April 22nd, 11am - 2pm 


Morning Meditation & Healing followed by Potluck Lunch

Join In for an opportunity to rest and restore during the Guided Meditation and Hands-On Healing (if you wish to receive,)  and then join for vibrant conversation and Potluck with fellow community members about whatever topics inspire.

10:45 Doors Open (please be in your seat by 10:59am, so we can begin on time)

11:00am  Meditation & Hands-on-Healing Sessions Begin

12:30 - 2pm  Potluck *Please Bring a Dish to Pass*


What to bring:

1. Please bring a dish to pass and a tupperware container in case if there are leftovers.
2. Wear/bring clean socks & dress comfortably.

Dues & Fees:

There are no fees associated with the group whatsoever. Any money collected goes towards covering our expenses, which include the room rental, cups, tea, our meetup group fees, and plates, napkins & utensils for the potluck. We do pass a box for donations as attendees are guided and able to do so and we are grateful for your contribution.


Who will be leading the event?

Spread Love Sundays may be led by Larissa or other qualified OM Toronto Practitioner or Teacher and may differ slightly depending on who is leading the session.

Who will be doing the healing?
All healing facilitators are practitioners or students of OM Toronto, so they have been trained in appropriate healing touch. During a hands-on chair session, they may touch your head, shoulders, back, arms, hips, legs, knees and feet and they will always ask for permission before touching you. If you do not wish to be touched, they can work above you without touching you. Be sure to let the practitioner know your preference for the session when you sit on their healing bench.

Free Parking: Free Parking & Street Parking are both available. For more details, visit our contact page.