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Certified Inner Workout Life Life Coach, 
International Coaching Federation member
Fiona is passionate about helping people connect to their inner love and beauty.  She uses energy, inner soul work and a simple yet effective structured practice to allow people to align with their highest purpose to live a more joyful and fulfilled life.  She graduated as a registered nurse many years ago, raised a family, worked in the corporate and training world, has been married and divorced, blended a family and now lives happily with her partner in Toronto.  She uses her experience along with her expertise to enrich her coaching practice. She is looking forward to sharing your journey. Contact Fiona by Telephone: 647-203-8506.

PRICE $20.00

May 9th

Learn to develop simple meditation practices to take you into this busy world with a calm mind and joyful spirit. 
Through meditation we can befriend our mind instead of fighting against it. Our energy is precious and vital to our wellbeing.  Concentrating our awareness with meditation in positive ways supports emotional and spiritual growth and lessens suffering. I invite you to join me for 2 hours of peaceful practice and discussion. 

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Start Your Day With A Loving Mind


April 25th


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Morning Meditation & Inspiration

April 25th & May 9th 10 am - 12 pm