Come out to a fun night of intuition and energy as we swap modalities with each other. Do some reiki and get a tarot reading, do a divination and get your bars run. If you practice a modality, come and share it with others!

The space has 3 massage tables, 3 gravity chairs and lots of tables and chair for doing what you do. Work in pairs or groups, however you like. There are no rules on how long sessions can go, but if you keep them 15-30 mins then you'll be able to swap with more people and sample different techniques.

Note: No cover for people in the Energetic Magic Level 1 class.

Free Parking:

facilitated by shiraz baboo

Tap into Universal Energies with Ease

Sat May 13th 6:30pm - 9:00pm 

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Note: No cover for people in the Energetic Magic Level 1 class.


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Shiraz Baboo 

Energy Facilitator
Coming from a variety of modalities, Shiraz uses a combination of life coaching and his own unique intuitive energy facilitation to affect great change in people’s lives. Shiraz has the ability to identify the belief patterns that are keeping you from  living the life you desire. He will trace the beliefs back to their source and help you to release the hold they have on you. Working with Shiraz can affect any area of your life including relationships, career, finance, and health. Shiraz's Website