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Who Are We?

OM is a Team of practitioners who are dedicated to creating a supportive and healing environment in which each practitioner can thrive mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and financially .

We believe practitioners offer the best quality of service when these needs are met, so we strive to create an encouraging community through the practitioners we bring together, while offering affordable prices and delivering incredible value in a beautiful space so you can flourish.

The OM Dream Team

The OM Team is filled with passionate, knowledgeable and highly skilled practitioners who are dedicated to providing our community with the best service possible. We strive to create a supportive and encouraging healing environment for our fellow  practitioners and clients alike. We are committed to continued learning and personal healing and development, to allow us to provide the best care and insight possible. If you are a practitioner looking for a healing, encouraging and supportive community, where you can also grow your business contact us, so we can Welcome you Om. 

This sounds too good to be true! What's the catch?

Believe it or not, there is no catch. We are now community funded, and were fortunate enough to be backed by some generous investors who believe the healing arts are an essential part of well-being, healing, and recovery, who saw a great business plan, and were willing to take the risk to support our vision and help us create a sanctuary where practitioners and the people they serve can thrive. Simply put, OM Toronto is the embodiment of a decade-long dream coming to fruition, as healing arts practitioners unite in a nurturing environment to promote growth and community.

About OM Toronto - Meditation, Healing Arts, Yoga & Workshop Centre

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