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​Lynne Nusyna

M. Ed. Transformational Counsellor, Coach. Soul Communicator
Master Lynne has twenty years experience in personal, relationship, family, career counselling and is the founder of Master Sha’s Tao Healing Centre in Toronto (2010) and Twenty years experience in personal, relationship, family, career counselling and more.   
She offers service throughout the Greater Toronto area, and remotely worldwide, as a spiritual teacher, health practitioner and counselor. She is a powerful dynamic speaker and facilitator.  Her spiritual communication abilities are just one of many gifts that provide extraordinary insight into the journeys of all that come to her workshops and personal consultation. Master Lynne's Email



We all have an ‘ancestral lineage’ from this lifetime and….though we may not know it….from all of our lifetimes here on Mother Earth.  Our ancestors play a huge role in who we are, the challenges we face, the prosperity we have, our health and wellness….everything.  At this evening session, we will connect with one of your most significant ancestors, identify them, and ask for guidance for our current life situation.  Many who have participated in these sessions are amazed by who we meet and the effects of the insight and direction that they share.  Join me and discover this for yourself.

Lynne Nusyna, Master Teacher and Healer, Master Soul Communicator

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Recieve guidance from one of your most important ancestors in all lifetimes

​​June 7th, 2019 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm



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