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Rev. Gillian Edwards

Rev Edwards has been doing private and public healing and message work for over 18 years. She believes that tending to one’s spiritual life is just as important as tending to other aspects of your life, “Sometimes the most comforting thing is to hear from a love one or know that they are supporting you in your own life. Confirmation from spirit knowing that the Universe along with your loved once has your back helps at times when we need that extra reassurance.” Rev. Edwards is constantly grateful and in awe of how Spirit works to assist people and their loves ones. “The Energy and love that often comes when working with another person is amazing and often very healing and it leaves the person I am reading for changed and I am left humbled and honoured to serve.

MEDIUMS NIGHT Mediumship & Readings

messages of guidance from spirit & the universe 

Rev. Larissa Dzamba

Larissa is an Ordained Spiritualist Minister, Metaphysician and Psychic Medium.  Larissa is new to stand-up Mediumship and Gallery Style readings and working to expand her comfort zone to learn more and experience new ways to serve Spirit. Larissa works one-on-one with clients to inspire, empower, and support individuals who are on their path of healing and self-discovery  More about Larissa Here:  

Join these Mediums for a display of inspired connection, as they deliver messages of guidance, insight, and proof-of-life from Spirit, the Universe, and Beyond.

 This evening will take the form of Stand Up Mediumship / Gallery Readings, where each of the Mediums will stand up in front of the group and deliver messages for those in attendance. 


What if I don’t want a reading?
You will always be asked permission before someone comes to you with a message. It is up to you whether or not you would like to receive the message. You need only say, "yes" or "no" when the intuitive asks if you would like a reading. 

Can you read my mind?
No we can’t. Your inner thoughts are private and just for you.

Can I have a private reading?
Yes! Each of the Mediums offer private sessions at OM Toronto, so you are welcome to contact them to book your own private reading during their office hours. 

All are welcome to attend!

Every attendee will have the opportunity to receive a message.

Free Parking:


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special guests 

Rev. Sheila Scott

Rev. Sheila M Scott is a licensed Spiritualist Minister and a Registered Nurse. She is also a Reiki Master, an Integrated Energy Therapy (IET) Level 3 Practitioner, An IET for Pets Practitioner, a certified Spiritual Healer,   And a Psychic Healer. Rev. Sheila has studied and practiced Energy Healing for over 28 years. Learn More about Rev Sheila M Scott:

​​Friday October 20th  7:00pm - 9:00pm