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​Barb Woegerer & Sabrina Tagliafierro 

Barb, a certified nutritional consultant and a naturopathic medical graduate and Sabrina, a yoga instructor, Reiki II practitioner and a certified nutritionist, pride themselves on educating individuals and corporations through their interactive health and wellness programs. Barb and Sabrina are graduates of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition and hold the designation of Certified Culinary Nutrition Expert. They have successfully completed an intensive 200 hour culinary nutrition program with honours. They challenge women to nurture and reconnect their body's own intrinsic intelligence through natural and gradual changes, thus creating healthy habits. Barb and Sabrina are extremely passionate to share their knowledge of holistic health through a balance of nutrition, movement and a healthy mind. Their commitment to their clients is to guide them to Eat Nourish & Thrive through proper nutrition, exercise, yoga and meditation. 

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