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facilitated BY Hae Kwang Sunim

About Zen Monk Hae Kwang Sunim 

 The founder of ‘Inner Peace Zen Qigong’ Hae Kwang Sunim, has trained in Thailand and Korea and for over a decade, he has been conducting classes and workshops across California and Ontario. He is a fully ordained Zen Monk (Bhikkhu) and Vice Dean at (I.B.S.) which is part of Dong Bang University Korea. He received his ordination as Bodhi-Cari at Bo Kwang Zen Center Anaheim, his Samanera ordination at I.B.M.C. in Los Angeles, California and Bhikkhu ordination at Temple Headquarters in Seoul, South Korea. For more information on Hae Kwang Sunim please see / click here.

Mastering Mind Class

Sat June 10th 12:30pm - 2pm 

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​Save $5 if you take Master Mind Class and Inner Peace Qigong 

( $20 each or $35 for both classes)

Learn the HOW TO of 'Living Zen & Inner Peace' - Go Deeper

In this class Hae Kwang Sunim will share his many AMAZING teachings of ZEN & QIGONG HEALING which he learned while living in the monasteries abroad as he studied and trained to become a Monk! Learn HOW to access the Stillness and Qi Vitality that is your birth right.
In very practical language this class emphasizes tools and essential / experiential Zen mechanics to bring peace and harmony back into ones daily life. Topics also include:

  • *What increases ‘Monkey Mind’ and strengthens unsupportive thought patterns in our rotating mental / psychological orbit.
  • How to untie painful knots and access True Self. Ego 101 and Instructions on the skillful use of the Zen Scalpel that liberate us from so many judgmental, limiting beliefs.

*Zen, Releasing & Inner Freedom: Mind and the two operating systems and how to address acidic ‘holding patterns’ and the body’s residual (energetic) karmic pull which can keep us stuck and limits deeper spiritual insights from arising.
*This class “visually” explores the deeper aspects of ego, its maturation and Velcro hold in the body-mind. It also addresses the ‘backward step’ to the boundless fundamental consciousness and freedom beyond the ego’s karmic pull.

By applying what you learn in this class, peace starts to take centre stage more and more. Learning how to shift perspective from what we call "Small Mind" to “Big Mind” and to peacefully abide from there is critically important for the nervous system (and healing overall). It's also the doorway to accessing innate wisdom and true compassion. With practice, the heart opens and addictions, ill will and cravings start to fall away. People from many different religious and cultural backgrounds study Zen & Qigong. It serves a great need. Ultimately, world peace can only be achieved if we first establish peace within our own minds.

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