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IMAGINE growing up in a Conscious Community where you were taught from an early age how to grow through struggle, navigate emotions, and remember the importance of PLAY! The foundation is being set, as we OM Practitioners come together to create an incredible Mindful Kids & Parents Community starting in 2018! We are creating FUN and supportive opportunities for Parents to come together and grow together, because if there is one thing we know for sure, it's that YOU AREN'T ALONE! We will also offer events for and Kids & Parents to come together to learn about one another and create heart-centered bonding opportunities, where you will uncover and encourage your children's innate gifts and abilities, all while learning Mindfulness Techniques to help keep you sane as you navigate all of the beautiful, terrifying, exhausting, hilarious, "I never thought I could love anyone so much!" and "What did I get myself into!?" moments of Parenthood! Want to learn more? Join the List and you'll be THE FIRST TO KNOW about OM Toronto Mindful Kids & Parents Events!

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Starting in February 2018 

Techniques to keep you & your kids sane as you navigate parenthood

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