Yes, there is real magic out there and you are immersed in it. Some call it universal or source energy. Some call it God or divine energy. Some call it magic. It’s been talked about and worked with for thousands of years and now science has gotten to the point, through quantum physics, where tests are confirming what many have been saying: We are all connected by this energy and we all affect it. Tapping into that energy allows me to perform what I call Energetic Magic.

In this introductory session, you will see how Energetic Magic works as energetic blocks and limiting beliefs are cleared for some of the participants. You will be shown how a simple shift in beliefs can cause immediate changes in a person’s reality. An overview of the upcoming course will be given and questions will be answered on what you can expect from it.

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Tap into Universal Magic with Ease

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Shiraz Baboo

Coming from a variety of modalities, Shiraz uses a combination of life coaching and his own unique intuitive energy facilitation to affect great change in people’s lives. Shiraz has the ability to identify your belief patterns whether or not your aware of them yourself. He can spot where you are lying to yourself about things that are keeping you from living the life you desire. From there he will trace them to their source and help you to release the hold they have on you. Working with Shiraz can affect any area of your life including relationships, career, finance, and health. Contact Shiraz via Email or visit his Website

WITH  Shiraz Baboo

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Wed Sept 13th


12:00pm (noon) - 1:00pm

7:30pm - 8:30pm

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