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Discover the life changing Pathway to Holistic Health and Unification of   Body . Heart and Soul – Heaven, Earth and Mankind with Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Do not miss Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi’s insightful lectures during which he will be transmitting the healing Yi Qi of the universe.


Gain insights into the Great Lotus System of the YIXUE - a millennium-old wisdom culture and science of life & soul. In his selected teachings, Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling introduces us to the universal treasure of the YiXue Culture, and points the way of the soul back to its true origin in Unity with the Universe.

The foundation for all health and development of the body, heart and soul is the energy work with the cosmic source energy, Yi Qi. Simple practical methods and powerful energy transmissions make it possible to build up the life energy.

When the Soul is healthy than the Human is holistically healthy - Wei Ling Yi

Through regular exercise and meditation practice, it is possible to develop insights and abilities to heal oneself as well as fulfill our soul‘s potential.

Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi is the authentic lineage  keeper  of  The  Great  Lotus System – ancient teachings for physical health and spiritual well-being. He established the first International Qigong University in China with  the  mission  to help others harness the life-force energy of the universe to heal themselves. These very easy to follow practices have helped people of all ages and abilities to regain health, balance emotions, and achieve self-realization.

Do not miss Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi’s insightful lectures during which he will be transmitting the healing Yi Qi of the universe.

Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

Grand Master Wei Ling Yi comes from a distinguished Chinese family which had been cultivating healing techniques for generations. His mother Bai Zi was his most important teacher and she instructed him since his earliest childhood on the basis of the guiding principle: "Virtue (De) is the mother of Gong (abilities)". Virtue means a pure heart and a sincere mind.

The extraordinary abilities of Wei Ling Yi were recognized early and already at the age of sixteen he came to be known as “Bai Xing Shen Yi” which means “True healer of the people”. Due to his experiences over many years and his research in the healing energy of Qi, Grand Master Wei Ling Yi adapted the ancient “Great Lotus System” which in Chinese is called “Lian Hua Da Fa” for application in modern times. The advanced system is now called the YiXue culture.

Wei Ling Yi also opened the way for official acknowledgement of the YiXue medicine as an independent and autonomous academic course. He could prove in studies in China 1991, that his healing techniques enable a substantial development of mental and intellectual potentials in humans. He is acknowledged as a worldwide authority and as the Teacher of high-level masters in cultivation sciences.
In 1993 Wei Ling Yi founded the first International Qigong University in China, of which he is also the Principal. The World Qigong Head Office Association elected him President and since 1995 he has been teaching in Europe and in the USA. As the President of the “World Qigong Congress” he contributes significantly to the exchange and fusion of eastern knowledge and western sciences.

For more than fifteen years he has been spreading teachings and knowledge in seminars and courses of the Lotus Academy in Germany, in other European countries as well as in the USA. For the past twenty years Wei Ling Yi has been doing scientific research on the YiXue educational methods.

In the year 2010 Wei Ling Yi founded the YiXue-Education Centre near Dresden, Germany where most of the YiXue special courses for prevention of illness, healing, mental, spiritual and physical well being as well as for the elevation of the spiritual and intellectual potentials are held.

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Lotus Grandmaster Wei Ling Yi

AUG 16th, 2018 7pm-9:30pm

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