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Psychic Mediumship & Healing

Training & Certification

is $5,500 (Shared Room & HST included)

*meals & shared accommodation are included for all Lake Simcoe dates*


If the tuition is paid in installments the total is $5,500 (Shared room & HST included.)

  • Save $100 by making one payment of $5,400 before Nov 1st, 2018
  • Save $200 by making one payment of $5,300 before October 1st, 2018
  • Save $300 by making one payment of $5,200 before September 1st, 2018
  • Save $400 by making one payment of $5,100 before August 6th, 2018

When we come together as a community with the desire and motivation to heal, learn, and grow our strength is amplified as we work together to achieve our goals. Larissa Dzamba


​​ Starting November 2018 to June 2019

Larissa is Psychic Medium, Coach and Healing Practitioner with a background in Metaphysics, Communications, and Theology. She specializes in mindfulness and subtle-energy with a special interest in teaching real-life tools to achieve excellence and create lasting and measurable results. Her multidisciplinary approach includes Hands-on-Healing, Spiritual Counselling & Mediumship, Mentoring and Teaching to assist you in accomplishing your goals and your greatest success.

As a Psychic Medium, Mentor, Intuitive Coach & Guide, Larissa has the privilege of working with individuals and entrepreneurs to guide, encourage, and support you as we uncover your innate gifts. Larissa helps you to uncover your fears and limiting beliefs and turn them into action, allowing you to create and attract a life you are excited and passionate about!

As a Spiritual Counsellor and Healing Channel, Larissa has the honour of working with and lending support to those who are navigating through emotional stress and anxiety, physical disease and discomfort, mental grief, depression, and bereavement. Together you embark on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual journey towards healing, creating measurable results as you move forward.

As a Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher,  Larissa works with groups and individuals to create a foundation built from knowledge and hands-on experience. She believes in teaching tools and techniques in every session, so when you leave the session or class and return to your life, you have the confidence and "know-how" to create measurable and lasting change on a daily basis.

Larissa believes that our greatest strengths come from within and that when we have vision coupled with hard work, we can achieve anything. She is dedicated to helping to inspire, empower, and support you on your path of healing, discovery and wholeness on this educational journey of self-discovery and the development of your own unique gifts.


The ideal learning environment is one that allows for creative expression and freedom to move around and explore your gifts and consciousness. By taking you out of your daily environment, and removing responsibilities and stressors like commuting, meal prep, and daily chores, we create space where creativity can flourish. Retreat also allows you to completely focus your attention on the teachings and experiences, as you immerse yourself in the material and practice.

The exact address will be given upon registration and is 5 minutes away from Sutton, Ontario on Lake Simcoe.

*Your 18 Night Shared Accommodation  & Meals at Lake Simcoe are included in your Tuition. ($1,400+ Value Included!)

* Need help getting there? We can Pick You Up & Drop  You Off at East Gwillumbury Go Station or help you to arrange a ride share with other fellows.

We are So Happy to work with you and be a part of your Journey! 


The journey of discovery begins here

Ready to Make the Commitment to Yourself

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Want to hear more about working with Larissa?

"Larissa is a wonderful teacher and I was impressed by her ability to create a joy-filled, positive learning environment where every student feels comfortable and is learning, no matter their level of experience. I wasn't sure what to expect at the first class, but I met an amazing group of people.
I am always impressed by Larissa's warmth, professionalism, kindness, down-to-earth genuine personality and INCREDIBLE intuitive and healing abilities. I appreciate that Larissa is very conscientious in all aspects of her work; her readings, healing treatments and even friendly advice are very accurate and even on difficult topics, always delivered in a truthful, compassionate manner supportive of creating one's best life!

Thanks Larissa, you are the best!! :-)"      Lisa T. Toronto, Ontario 

"I had an intuitive counselling session with Larissa and was extremely overwhelmed by happiness and gratitude because of it. Larissa has a very calm, welcoming and authentic way about her, enabling one to feel instantly comfortable and at ease. Not only is Larissa loving and genuine – she is incredibly patient, in tune, present, and has your best interest at heart. I was extremely impressed with Larissa’s ability to be a medium while channeling the energies of loved ones in my life whom had crossed over recently as well as more than 15 years ago. Her analogy of these energies was spot on, and brought tears to my eyes. The messages she carried for me were truly in their purest form, spoken from a place of pure light and love.I walked away from my session feeling hopeful. My session with Larissa exceeded all of my expectations. I received guidance, messages, ideas, advice, healing, love and kindness. I am truly grateful for having been able to have such a profound and truly wonderful experience with Larissa."   

Anne-Marie C. Toronto, Ontario

“Amazing, Very Accurate, Very easy to talk to”    Shannon O. Toronto, Ontario

"Most significant to me was Larissa's accuracy regarding my major issues and fears. Things that she said were specific to my situation and were directly [related to] issues I've had for a long time. I was quite blown away by Larissa's accuracy and with how insightful she was. I wasn't expecting such a specific and on target response. As well, I was impressed and surprised by the actual physical feelings I sustained during the healing, such as tingling, light- headedness and emotion. Larissa did a fantastic job. I thought Larissa was very friendly, personable, and genuine. I would definitely recommend her to others."   Janet K, St Johns, Newfoundland

It was my first time having a reading and healing, and Larissa made it a wonderful first experience. I went into the situation fairly skeptical, but Larissa showed me that it wasn't going to be some grand production with a fog machine and a light show, but was instead just honest feedback, connection, and guidance that was completely relevant to me and my current situation. I would definitely see Larissa again for guidance in the form of a reading or healing - she was fantastic!”  Rachel M. Toronto, Ontario

“Very focused and deep healing. Pain relief with relaxation. Thank you very much.”
 Mark T Cassadaga, New York

"Physically, my neck and shoulders were feeling tight before the session and I felt like I needed a chiropractic adjustment. After the session I noticed that both my neck and shoulders were loosened and able to move without the tightness I felt before the session- basically, no longer in need of an adjustment! I would happily have another session with Larissa, this was definitely of interest and use."  Katherine S. Stockbridge, Georgia

"Without knowing me previously, Larissa showed incredibly spot-on insight into an ongoing problem I've had for quite some time, and gave guidance into that problem which really resonated for me and made me feel optimistic. Larissa is wonderful to work with! I wasn't sure what to expect, but am amazed at how much pertinent information she read from me (and I'm in New Zealand!). She has a lovely healing and intuitive presence, even over the internet 'chat'. I would definitely have another session with her, and would recommend her to others!"
Elizabeth C. Wellington, New Zealand

"Larissa is a LOVE of a young woman....gracious in all ways. I feel blessed that she and I have connected. She is an excellent reader...gentle, kind, articulate, and very, very accurate. Her delivery is never jarring and never haphazard. Her readings are thoughtful and full of love. I felt like I was under the care of someone who truly cared for me; most definitely was 'present' for me.
I loved how Larissa picked up on a movie I had recently watched, relating it to my present and upcoming situation. This was not a recent movie by a long shot, and yet I had watched it for the first time not long ago, vividly remembering the scene she equated to me. Also, she picked up on my stomach issues, which were emotionally and physically based. There was much reason to believe that these issues are finally leaving my body."  Jenny T. Schenectady, New York

"I loved this class! Everyone needs to take it! Larissa's wealth of knowledge is matched only by her abilities. She made us all feel so comfortable as we learned to trust ourselves and explore the unknown; not only did I gain some amazing insights but some new friends as well. If you are looking to connect with higher self, to have fun while discovering your abilities, I recommend Larissa in a heartbeat!"  Jill T. Toronto, Ontario

"Larissa's classes were very professional and fun at the same time: she immediately put people at ease. I learned so much about my own abilities in the psychic development class because of her encouragement and enthusiasm. It's obvious that she is very gifted and loves to help people with their own self-development, while maintaining a group atmosphere but still offering individual support. I would highly recommend any of her classes as each person can get so much out of them personally."  Eleanor H. Toronto, Ontario

I'm interestedin the 

november 2018 TRAINING!

Retreat Training Dates:

*Need help Getting Here?  We can Pick You Up & Drop  You Off at East Gwillumbury Go Train Station or we will help you to arrange a ride share with other fellows when available


Tues November 20th, 7:30pm  - Sunday November 25th, 4:00pm (Lake Simcoe)

Friday December 7th, 7:30pm -Sunday December 9th, 12:00pm (Lake Simcoe)


Saturday January 5th & Sunday Jan 6th (10am - 6pm each day) (in Toronto at OM Toronto)

Friday February 15th, 7:30pm - Sunday February 17th, 12:00pm (noon) (Lake Simcoe)

Friday March 15th, 7:30pm - Sunday March 17th, 12:00pm (noon) (Lake Simcoe)

Friday April 12th, 7:30pm - Sunday April 14th, 12:00pm (noon) (Lake Simcoe)

Saturday May 18th & Sunday May 19th (10am - 5pm each day) (in Toronto at OM Toronto)

Monday June 17th, 7:30pm - Saturday June 22nd, 12:00pm (noon) (Lake Simcoe)

Private Residence on Lake Simcoe, 1 hr North of Toronto. *More info about the location below*


Are you ready to step into your gifts and experience deeper awareness and communication with Spirit and the Universe than ever before?

If you are ready to take the next step in your spiritual development, begin communicating with Spirit loved ones on the other side, and experience profound healing that comes with retreat, ceremony, and sacred techniques and learning space, then this immersion training is for you.

During this concentrated training you will:

  • Experience deep states of awareness and connection through meditation
  • Communicate with Spirit loved ones on the other side
  • Discover how to induce trance state in yourself for deep connection
  • Deliver accurate and verifiable messages using your prophetic and clairperceptive gifts, which you will identify and further develop throughout this training
  • Bring healing and peacefulness to others, as you share messages and practice hands-on-healing techniques
  • Create a safe and sacred space for clearing, healing, and ceremony
  • Organize your own workshop, development, healing & meditation circles
  •  Access your unique gifts and abilities as you journey into your soul’s awareness
  • Use simple, effective, and easy-to-learn techniques to improve the ease and quality of your message work
  • Reach expansive states of clarity, transformation, and release through multiple healing modalities
  • Apply this learning and awareness in your every day life, with clients, family, and in relationships.

This immersion program is designed to remove you from every-day distractions to allow you to dive in to your personal development and discovery for fast and profound results, which you will be able to recreate on your own outside of class.

Our highly gifted facilitators join together, bringing a bre
adthand depth of knowledge in multiple disciplines and modalities, to provide a diverse and fulfilling education. Together we will teach you all the skills you need to deliver transformative healing sessions, organize your own workshops, groups and private sessions, and provide accurate and meaningful messages for yourself and others.

By learning in a small group, with a maximum of 8 students, we are able to provide one-on-one attention and guidance, as you develop your abilities and navigate the teachings, for your most powerful results. You will also have the unique opportunity to experience hands-on practical application, to develop your competence, confidence, and experience in each technique and modality and receive feedback and validation from fellows to enhance your every-day practice as you move forward in your studies.

Each student who completes this training will be eligible for the following certificates:

+ Mediumship & Healing Certification
+ Metaphysician Certification

You will also be certified in the following Healing Modalities:

+ Crystal Healing
+ Axiatonal Alignment

+ C.C.M.B.A. (Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment)

+ Auras, Chakras & Kundalini
+ *Special Bonus Gift* Reiki Level I

 **Special Bonus Gifts Included when you Register**

  • Access to our Private Online Community.  Stay in touch with your fellows, mentors and teachers, giving you access to answers and community between classes to ensure connection and supported growth as you develop your abilities.  

  • Receive one-of-a-kind Manuals for each modality you learn filled with hundreds of pages of notes, techniques, exercises, and hand-positions to assist you in your learning, building your confidence and competence, and creating the best treatment you can offer your friends, family, and clients.

  • $75 Value: Crystal & Gemstone Kit to assist in all of your Crystal Healing Sessions and Spreads

  • $100 Value: Smudge Kit to assist you in clearing yourself, clients, and homes.

  • $375 Value: Reiki Level I Certification. Whether you have learned Reiki before or you will be learning this hands-on healing technique for deep relaxation and connection for the first time, Reiki Level I with Larissa includes the teachings of four lineages, including: Usui Shiko Ryoho, Raku Kei Reiki, Usui/Tibetan Reiki, & Karuna Reiki, to give you a breadth and depth of knowledge and understanding in your personal practice.
  •  Meals & Accommodation Included at Private Retreat Centre (Over $1,400 Value!) overlooking Lake Simcoe!

That's over $600 in FREE Bonus Gifts! 


The training includes 28 Days of Instruction

+ 24 days of instruction on Lake Simcoe (meals & accommodation included) 

+ 4 days of training at OM Toronto (meals & accommodation excluded)

Psychic Mediumship & Healing

Training & Certification

Psychic Mediumship & Healing: Training & Certification

Email info@OmToronto.comor call (647) 402-8229 with any questions you may have. We would LOVE to hear from you!

Want to Learn More about Larissa?

What Students say about Larissa as a Teacher & Medium

"I connected with Larissa at a very special time in my life - I am a spiritual healer and thanks to the wisdom Larissa shared in her classes and meditations, my ability to serve clients using my spiritual gifts has been amplified. I have also seen Larissa for energetic healing, and the shifts, releases and activations she helped facilitate have been profound. Larissa is an open channel for Spirit to work through, for the highest and best of her clients and she is perhaps one of the softest, gentlest, and most loving healers I have ever met. This matters to me as a woman opening to my own spiritual gifts, which have lain dormant for most of my life. I consider myself fortunate to have met Larissa, and recommend her for any of her services"  A. Evans. Toronto, Ontario

"Larissa is great. She put us at ease immediately and she is a fantastic teacher. The space itself is very quiet and peaceful and my experience was unlike any I've had before. I felt redeemed's the only way I can describe my experience."   Shina. Toronto, Ontario

"A great experience and a chance to do something really healing for yourself."
Sue Y. Toronto, Ontario

"Larissa [is a] very knowledgeable individual, with a lot of great experience and insight to share with the group. The classes are well structured and guided. I recommend classes to anyone, regardless of what level of psychic development you are. I am sure Larissa will make you feel comfortable and enjoy the classes right off the bat. It is definitely a MUST for anyone who wants to find their true self or get more involved with spiritual development." Daniela R. Toronto, Ontario 

"Larissa is an amazingly talented medium and psychic. She's thorough, accurate, and very grounded  with a deep compassion and a practical understanding of real-life. Larissa answered a whole range of questions from family, business, money and health...Larissa is extremely talented and on top of that, she is completely generous and open-hearted in sharing her gifts and wisdom with others. I wish all mediums were as warm, kind and open as Larissa. Thank you so much Larissa!"   Tamara S.  Toronto, Ontario