Heart Healing Session:
Before June 27 - Early Bird bookings: $97 + tax     
On and after June 27: $111 + tax

A Crystal Therapy 

Bed Session 

can be enjoyed in time increments of 30 minutes or 60 minutes: 

30 minutes $45 + tax
60 minutes $90 + tax 

August 3, 2019  1 hr session between 9am – 8pm 

WITH Natasha Tome 

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Our bodies can harbor the unwanted energies and cords from past interactions and relationships, unprocessed emotions, negative talk, and stress. Any of these energies can make you feel unbalanced and cause emotional, mental and physical blockages, which can leave you feeling tired and down.  We often hold onto negative emotions in our heart centers long after the experience has passed.  We may not even realize it, having ‘stamped’ down those emotions in order to feel better and ‘get on with it’.  But holding onto unforgiveness, anger, grief, guilt, sadness and disappointment simmers inside us like toxic emotions that affect our daily lives and our ability to manifest better experiences.

During our time together, as you lie beneath the crystals positioned over your chakras, the Healing Angels intuitively heal where your heart needs it most.  At the same time, I clairvoyantly tune into your energy, while they show me cords which are no longer serving you, what may be blocking you, or what past grievances are still being held, as we often don’t consciously realize we are holding onto things from the past.   These things are released as they work.

When undergoing this healing, you are allowing resistance and cords to be removed, which opens up your channel to Divine Love.   After the session you will feel clearer, lighter and more balanced.  
About the Crystal Therapy Bed from Brazil 
Crystal Therapy Bed Healing originates from the Casa de Dom Inácio in Brazil. It has a powerful and intuitive healing effect on the physical, emotional and energetic levels of the body. The colours, lights, and crystals are enhanced by the Healing Angels who do much of their work at the Casa in Brazil and use the bed as a portal of Divine healing energy throughout the world.  This is very powerful on an emotional and physical level and each session also triggers your own body’s natural healing abilities. 

Time on the Crystal Bed can also be booked for an overall chakra balancing and immune system boost. 

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Heal and let go of past heartbreak, pain, and sadness

Natasha Tome

Natasha is a natural empath and psychic medium that has been actively communicating with the spiritual realm for decades. She is a gifted and intuitive healer who connects to Divine Source Energy to enable healing within her clients, opening up each persons’ own connection to the Divine help and healing that is available to all of us.
A Canadian native but long-time world nomad, she has studied with esteemed spiritual teachers in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sweden, UK, and Brazil.  She has channeled the book “Introduction to Dragons” and produced guided meditations on YouTube, which have garnered over a million views. She holds retreats in numerous locales around the world as well as conducting distance healing.  She works with the Angels, Dragons, Spirit Guides, and Source, to bring universal wisdom, energy, and guidance for your healing and progress.

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 HEAL YOUR HEART (with Crystal Therapy Bed Healing from Brazil)   

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