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​Natasha Tome

Natasha is a natural empath and psychic medium that has been actively communicating with the spiritual realm for decades. She is a gifted and intuitive healer who connects to Divine Source Energy to enable healing within her clients, opening up each persons’ own connection to the Divine help and healing that is available to all of us.
A Canadian native but long-time world nomad, she has studied with esteemed spiritual teachers in Amsterdam, Hong Kong, Dubai, Sweden, UK, and Brazil.  She has channeled the book “Introduction to Dragons” and produced guided meditations on YouTube, which have garnered over a million views. She holds retreats in numerous locales around the world as well as conducting distance healing.  She works with the Angels, Dragons, Spirit Guides, and Source, to bring universal wisdom, energy, and guidance for your healing and progress.
Visit Natasha's website: www.natashatome.com​


This guided meditation will take you on a journey to release negative emotions you’re holding in your heart, mind and body.  You will be connected to the Healing Angels who will help you open and release all that is no longer serving you.  You heart, mind and body will be filled with Divine love and light enabling you to soften your heart and vibrate with love, which thereby attracts more love into your life.  What we feel, we attract.

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Heal Your Heart Meditation

Bring more love into your life


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​​July 24th, 2019 7pm-8pm 

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