Learn how to Create your own Natural Facial Mask!

Friday, October 4, 2019 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

During this 2 hrs workshop you will learn how to create your own facial mask and learn the best natural ingredients that you can use for your own skin type.  Then you will activate your personalize mask and experience a facial, using premium natural skincare products. You will take home a sample of your own personalize mask. All ingredients & tools will be provided.  

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Handmade Facial Mask Workshop  

Paula Charepe
Skincare formulator, Usui Reiki Master, Life Coach

Due to sensitivities to most commercial skincare products, Paula became a self-professed “green formulator”, working predominantly with plant-based ingredients. For over 25 years she’s has been researching, testing and developing skincare cosmetics. Paula offers skincare formulation workshops. It’s an interactive and practical workshop, which by the end you’ll be able to take samples of your personalized skincare formulations. To contact Paula, you can email her at pcharep@gmail.com or check her website: www.paulacharepe.com

$35 Regular

(After September 25th)

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$30 Early Bird

(Until September 25th)