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Allyson Muir

Allyson is a Certified Hellinger scienciaⓇ Constellations Facilitator through the HellingerⓇ lebenSchule (School) in Germany.
Allyson is also a Certified Integral Master Coach through Integral Coaching Canada.

Allyson followed her passion for personal development and this has led her on an 18 year journey learning about and experiencing many healing modalities and meditation techniques. One modality in particular, Constellations, aka Family Constellations, fascinated her because of its effectiveness, efficiency and mystery. She started working intensively with it from 2005.

Allyson has worked in the corporate world for 30 years. 10 years firstly in accounting roles starting from bookkeeper to Financial Manager of a company and then 20 years in IT at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange, HSBC, Deutsche Bank and many others.

Allyson is South African who has now settled in Canada and loves it. She enjoys being in nature, dance, cooking, meditation, natural remedies and focussing on food as medicine, music, travel, life and she has two gorgeous grown-up children.She currently resides in Toronto, Ontario.

Learn More about Allyson & her work on her website, The Field Beyond


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Unconscious beliefs and inherited childhood or ancestral patterns can keep us from experiencing joy in love, health,  career, wealth, spirituality and family. We often see and feel the uncomfortable results of these belief systems as we continuously knock up against unfulfilled goals, yet try as we might we have limited or no success shifting through these blocks because until now, we have been unable to explore their purpose of existence. The belief that keeps us stuck.

This powerful modality reveals our unconscious beliefs and patterns and brings the  themes of underachieving and poor performance into the light to be shifted and released, so we may experience our most fulfilling reality.

We connect to the Knowing (or Morphogenetic) Field and allow it to lead us into the flow of Life towards More. More Success, More Life, More Joy, More Love, More Freedom and More You.

This workshop may be for you if any of the following statements resonate or describe you:

  • A frustrating theme or situation keeps re-occurring in your life
  • Unexplained emotions like anger or sadness
  • One area of your life is not working, while the rest are great
  • A persistent feeling like something might be missing
  • Experiencing difficulties in one or more of your relationships, with either parents, partners, colleagues, siblings or children
  • You have a young child experiencing unexplained difficulties
  • Feel as if you are living someone else’s life
  • There is an invisible block in your life that keeps you from making progress and achieving success
  • You feel lost or that you don’t have a place

If you said yes to any of these, have you tried to figure out the cause, done some work on it and had limited or no success and the situation persists?

 There is a way for you to uncover the cause and find relief from what seems like a struggle or even heartache in an area of your life.

Join In for this workshop on Constellations to see the blueprint of an issue laid out in front of you as we uncover the underlying issues and create positive and healing change, as you move in the direction of more life, more joy, more peace, more love and more You.


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