with Dr. Joshua Black

​Dr Joshua Black

Dr. Joshua Black’s research interests are in the area of grief dreams, with a special focus on dreams of the deceased. He recently finished his PhD in psychology at Brock University. Joshua has published scientific literature in the area and is considered one of the leading academic researchers in this field. To raise awareness on this topic Joshua started a website (, Instagram and Twitter account (@griefdreams), Grief Dreams Facebook group, and co-hosts the Grief Dreams Podcast with Shawn Ram. 

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Exploring Grief Dreams 

Do You Dream About Those You Lost?

PRICE $35 

April 27th 10 am - 2 pm

meditation, healing arts, yoga & workshop centre

The topic of dreams after loss has been surprisingly overlooked in academic literature, which has hindered the support for the bereaved of all ages. The morning talk (10am to Noon) will focus on discussing things I have learned from researching dreams of the deceased (grief dreams). The afternoon talk (1pm to 2pm) will be a live recording of the Grief Dreams Podcast with a special guest.

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