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drumming for your soul

Let Triz take you on a journey of healing, insight and connection through her expertly guided circle. Experience Life Force through rhythm, as you step into the flow and soar within the Stream of Consciousness with Light and Sound Healer and Qigong Master Triz Remedios. Triz brings a breadth of knowledge and experience into her circles.

Sound is an amazing healing force with the ability to raise your vibration and bring deep physical and emotional shifts. Pairing sound healing with Triz's wisdom and deep awareness of energy, every session is a journey of discovery together.

Bring your drum, rattle or favorite noisemaker if you have one.

*Instruments are available if you do not have your own*

Free Parking:


DRUM CIRCLE Presented by OM Toronto

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About Triz Remedios ARCT, BA

Founder and president of the Centre for Devotional Arts. Triz is a master of the human subtle energy field and the architect of Integrative Alignment. Her diverse training in Devotional Arts originate from the study of classical music, combined with the study as a Light and Sound Healer, a qigong master, and multiple native teachings.

Her unique exploration into the effects of music, tones, and rhythm on the development of the human brain and body has led her to the discovery of the development of human consciousness as multidimensional patterns of energetic frequencies. The translation of these energetic frequencies onto the physical plane and the effects of this on the physical body is the work of personal transformation and the basis of Integrative Alignment.

Drumming with Triz is allowing yourself to experience Life Force through rhythms. Letting go into the moment, step into the flow and soar within the Stream of Consciousness.

with triz & LARISSA

Saturday February 24th 7:00pm - 9:00pm