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The archetype of the Divine Mother and the Sacred Feminine is as old as time, deeply embedded into every cell of a woman's body.

Embodying the Sacred Feminine, a woman balances her strong commanding nature, her clarity, with compassion, tenderness, and grace.

Embodying the Divine Mother, she takes tiny seeds or ideas and nurtures them into full-fledged creations—writing, painting, cooking, children, formulas, theorems, businesses, corporations—even nations

Our culture tells us that we need something or someone outside ourselves to complete us—to be whole. The Sacred Feminine within us is the ESSENCE of WHOLENESS.

Join Lynne Nusyna… Master Teacher, Healer, Soul Communicator for this special 4 evening group to explore and bring out your true self.  All ages…all backgrounds….come together.

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$100 Honor Fee

(4 Classes,

Due 3 days prior)


$30 Single Session

at the Door

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DIVINE MOTHER: A Sacred Women's Circle

Thursdays for 4 Weeks: Feb 21 & 28, March 7 & 14  

lynne nusyna

The sacred feminine within us is the essense of wholeness

​Lynne Nusyna

Lynne Nusyna is a highly accurate spiritual channeler.  Her clients come from all over the world to seek out guidance for all aspects of their life.  Her widely open spiritual channels are amazing.  Her Third Eye Images, and Messages from souls …past and present…are truly inspiring.  Experience this special time with Lynne.  It will be unforgettable.