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Practice Awareness. Being in the Now.

Cultivation of the Mind – An Introduction to Vipassana Insight Meditation

​​OCT 5th,   7pm - 9pm, 2018


Venerable Hui Zhen


Venerable Hui Zhen

Venerable Hui Zhen has been a Buddhist monk for 30 years. He has a Master’s degree in Religion Studies from University of the West in California. Venerable Hui Zhen has been a Dharma teacher for many years since the beginning of his monastic life at the age of 18 in Taiwan, he teaches Buddhism, Buddhist psychology and meditation classes in various countries including Taiwan, Thailand, China, Canada and the United States. Venerable Hui Zhen is a sincere and dedicated Buddhist practitioner and teacher who is passionate in sharing the Buddha’s wisdom with others, as well as his own insights on how to integrate the Dharma and meditation practice into the daily living.

Practice Awareness. Being in the Now.

Be inspired to open your heart and let wisdom and compassion grow.

Be present. Be relaxed. Just breathe.

Please come join us for a special meditation practice which unifies both body and mind. Learn about mindfulness and how to be fully present in each moment. The core of this practice is centered on traditional seated meditation through which we will practice mental clarity, awareness and concentration. Get to know yourself better and create a personal meditation practice.

 When we bring our attention to the present moment, we can see things as they are: transient and impermanent. This creates the space and insight required to handle the challenges that are inherent in our day-to-day lives. Our mind’s true nature is like the sky that lies behind the clouds – clear, open and expansive. Learn how you can experience the inner peace and joy of a clear mind through simple, guided meditation from the Buddhist tradition.

 This workshop is suitable for both beginners and experienced meditators. This workshop consists of two sessions (4pm – 6pm & 7pm – 9pm). Each 2-hour session will include teachings by Venerable Hui Zhen on the key points of meditation practice, as well as guided meditations and discussion. Everyone is welcome! Our Dharma teacher, Venerable Hui Zhen encourages anyone to start wherever you are! Just breathe. All you have to do is be present!

Everyone is welcomed to register for one or both sessions on October 5th, 2018. Please register early to secure your spot and arrive 10 minutes before the start of each session.

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