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Come and discover the uses of crystals in ceremony.

  •  choose appropriate crystals
  • enhance your ceremony with the use of crystals
  • prepare the crystals
  • program crystals
  • create and engage forms in alignment with your intent
  • clear crystals

The use of quartz to augment and magnify energies have been used throughout time.  These beautiful gifts from the Earth are marvelled and live among us in pockets around the Earth.  They transmit energies and store information throughout time.  As we connect to the energies of these gems we remember our relationship to these beautiful gifts.

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with triz Remedios

Drum Circle

(April 22nd 7pm - 9pm)


Crystals in Ceremony Workshop

(April 22nd 3pm - 5pm)    


Drum Circle

(April 22nd 7pm - 9pm)



About Triz Remedios ARCT, BA

Founder and president of the Centre for Devotional Arts, Triz is a master of the human subtle energy field and the architect of Integrative Alignment.

Her unique exploration into the effects of frequency, vibration, music, tones, rhythm, life force and subtle energy, its influence on the human brain, emotions and the physical body, has led to pathways of discovery for personal transformation through the translation of these frequencies onto the physical plane.   The synergistic effect of this energetic flow is the work of personal transformation and is the basis of Integrative Alignment.

Crystals in Ceremony Workshop

(April 22nd 3pm - 5pm)   


Crystals In Ceremony Workshop


gifts from the earth

Saturday April 22nd 3:00pm - 5:00pm