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Archana Rama

Archana grew up in India in a Hindu family, dedicated and devout followers of Satya Sai Baba.  She moved to Canada when she was 15 but had itchy feet and got down to the business of traveling the world as soon as she was old enough. 

It was on one of her travels that her life took a sharp turn ... she met a man who changed the whole trajectory of her life. His holiness Dalai Lama helped Arch became a Buddhist Nun where she studied under his tutelage along with His Holiness Karmappa and Kumturl Rinpoche for 8 years. 

Archana has since returned to Canada and has dedicated herself to continuing her studies in energy healing (Reiki, Huna, Crystal, Quantum Touch).  Crystal and gemstone healer.  She is a gifted and intuitive healer.  Archana continues to deepen her meditation practice through intensive retreats offered through the Vipassana Center in Ontario. Visit Archana's Website here

Archana Rama

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$295 for 3 Days

April  15, 22 & 29, 2018

Learn about the Gemstones and crystals and how they affect the body on a physical and emotional level.  We will discuss how crystals can be used to balance each chakra to gain ultimate relaxation, better health and a sense of well-being.  Learn to pick up on frequency and vibrations of the gemstones and crystal and interpret the meaning of them on our day to day life.

You will learn:

  • The metaphysical healing properties of over 50 popular crystals
  • How to perform 1 hour Chakra Healing/Balancing sessions
  • How to make your own crystal elixirs
  • How to use wands, pendulums and crystal chargers to move energy
  • How to perform an Aura Assessment
  • How to use crystals to create protection shields
  • How to program Quartz and perform distance Crystal Healings...and much more!

Join Archana for thi 3 Day workshop all age groups, any physical ability and is not in conflict with any religious beliefs.

Archana has been working with gemstones for more than 30 years.  She is a third-generation gemstone dealer.  She will present three different techniques in a relaxed interactive atmosphere using easy to follow practical steps.The fundamental benefits of crystals and gemstones range from reducing stress and anxiety, relieving depression & PTSD, accelerating healing, increasing focus, stimulating memory & creativity and calming the mind to aiding auto-immune issues, physical pain and more. 

CRYSTALS 101: The 3 Day Workshop

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