All The way from Andean Mountains

10:00am to 4:00pm

(Doors open at 9:30am)


Don Francisco and his wife Donna Junita are Peruvian shamans from the Q’ero Tradition who are direct descendents from the Inca. Both have been known as Pampamesyoc which are healers who do ceremony for healing of the earth. In the last few years the Q’ero acknowledged Don Francisco as a Altomesyoc a healer of the highest order that has care for the earth and all humanity.

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Heidi McBratney has focused on bringing inner awareness to the rhythm of her soul and following this beat. Her passion is to guide and support others in their growth and healing through compassion, love, awareness and healing of the mind, body and soul. She provides this to individuals, communities and land and has had the opportunity to travel to many places and communities, being adopted into the communities.

Sat. October 14, 2017, 10am to 4pm  

with PERUVIAN SHAMANS Don Francisco & Donna Junita with Heidi McBratney

You will learn the ancient healing traditions of the Q’ero and have the opportunity to create your own healing alter. You will learn and receive initiations in creating your own alter, bring healing to your own being and learn to use this as your connection to the Mother Earth and Father Sky. Receive Earth Keeper Rites, Energetic transmissions that connect you with the ways of the seer, dreaming the world into being.

You will:

  • Develop a Healing Alter
  • Receive Earth Keeper Rites
  • Journey to the Beyond
  • Develop a Heart Song Cleansing of your
  • Luminous Body

Create Your Personal Healing Altar