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You may be experiencing:

  • A lack of clarity, purpose and meaning in your life
  • Difficulty staying focused and inspired
  • Stuck in a meaningless job that’s not aligned with who you are

  • Lack of a support system or the resources to do what you’re really meant to do
  • Feeling that you’re too old to make a change

Very few people are living the magical life they’re meant to live, one that’s aligned with who they truly are at the soul level and their core values, and that impacts the world and themselves in a meaningful way.


Because fears and limiting beliefs stand in their way, and they don’t know the strategies to create such a life. These strategies are usually not taught in school and rarely passed on to us by our parents.

Each one of us is born with a unique and specific purpose. If you don’t discover your purpose, you may always feel like something is missing.

Just imagine if your life truly fulfilled you:

  • What if you woke up every day knowing that you were aligned with your purpose, making a difference and doing exactly what you love?
  • What if you found your flow, started using your strengths and passion to bring your purpose to life?

  • What if you let go of the ordinary and the expected for the magic, joy, confidence and purposeful life you know you’re meant for?

In this workshop, you will experience the following:

  • Guided meditation powered by universal energy to deeply connect with your purpose and vision
  • Get clarity on your purpose and your Why
  • Discover and start releasing what is holding you back from taking action to create the life you want
  • Hone in on the impact you would like to make on yourself, others and the greater good
  • Powerful exercises to start build a step-by-step plan and strategy to launch your heart-centered and purposeful business.

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$37 EACH


​Carine Sroujian

Carine empowers souls to heal and find inner peace, discover their true selves and purpose, and helps them craft an authentically happy life that energizes them. As a certified and intuitive life coach, a Theta Healer®, yoga teacher for kids, and marketing strategist, she uses her own story and experience to help her clients awaken to their true selves and find their joy through powerful coaching and healing techniques, self-care, play, meditation, and mindfulness. 

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Find your Flow and Awaken your Purpose!

Tuesday, June 12  7pm-9pm