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Learn simple, safe and effective self-care tools for you and your family to improve your health and prevent disease.

Or add these tools to your existing healthcare practice. BodyTalk Access is a certificate course. Includes a full-colour manual and healthy snacks at breaks.


Cortices: improves thinking, memory, concentration, stress, feelings of well-being, and general physiological functioning of the body

Switching: helps with inattentiveness, poor decision-making, confusion, making silly mistakes, poor coordination, and mood swings. It normalizes the body’s stress threshold.

Hydration: corrects the body’s ability to fully use the water it has available- thereby greatly improving the efficiency of all physiological processes.

Body Chemistry: addresses many chronic and acute conditions caused by virus, bacteria, parasites, allergies, food intolerance, and accumulated toxins.

Reciprocals: significantly effective on many forms of injuries, arthritis, circulatory issues, coordination patterns, spinal problems, and chronic pain.

Fast Aid Techniques: It will immediately resolve simple issues as a stand-alone technique. In serious conditions it is designed to be used safely until specialized health care arrives.

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2018 Event

Learn in a day, use for a lifetime

with Cherie Carpenter, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI

Cherie Carpenter, AdvCBP, CBAT, CBI

Cherie Carpenter is an Advanced Certified BodyTalk Practitioner and Certified BodyTalk Instructor. Her introduction to the BodyTalk System™ naturally evolved from a lifelong interest in healing and health care. After graduating as RNA in 1976, she studied aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, Touch for Health, applied kinesiology, and is a Reiki Master from both Usui and Takata lineages. Cherie has been dedicated to providing learning opportunities with a selection of Certified International BodyTalk instructors for those choosing BodyTalk as a career path. Her respect and appreciation for the BodyTalk System™ deepens with every client and former student she meets. Cherie's Website

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$190 (HST included)

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