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With this powerful, choreographed fusion of flowing, feminine, hip centered movement, you’ll finally get to experience a Yoga class that is truly designed for the unique needs of the female body. Delivered from a solid, fitness foundation ~ spiced up with the magic of dance and united seamlessly with Vinyasa Flow ~ you can expect all the signature elements that Bellyfit® offers, now 100% on the mat, with a focus on strength, flexibility and energy. Add an incredible global soundtrack and you’ve got a unique and powerful practice designed to uplift and energize on all levels. And yes, you will burn ~ in the best way possible.

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the slow burn


Catherine De'Ath

Catherine De'Ath is a Certifited Instructor with Bellyfit International, specializing in Bellyfit Flow; a powerful fusion of yoga, bellydance and fitness. Bellyfit is replacing the message that "all women should aspire to one idealized body type" with, "all women deserve to feel fabulous in a body that is healthy, fit and free." Our mission is to disrupt the way the mainstream fitness industry misrepresents, falsifies and limits the diversity and the natural beauty of the female body. Bellyfit is a global community of like-minded, passionate women and we’re fiercely committed to redefining what healthy, fit and beautiful really look and feel like. I look forward to meeting you and moving you.

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