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through this we become the change

with Ashara Lynn Gorbet  

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Ashara Lynn Gorbet

Ashara started her career as a professional Dancer, Choreographer and Dance Teacher in London, England: training, earning 2 degrees in dance and working in professional schools and theatres.

On her return to her native Canada she certified as a Professional Life Coach and established a private practice in 2001.

Through her own inner journey she soon turned her attention to supporting women on their journeys. She designed and delivered experiential workshops to help women become more confident and grounded in self-love through embodiment. This led her to become a Master teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence™ from 2012 to 2014.

In 2015 Ashara felt the call to re-design her offerings in alignment with the New Paradigm energies, New Earth and the Ascension. This shifted her focus and facilitation into an expanded space where embodiment became the primary path - the "secret sauce" - of raising frequency into a higher vibration of Love, Light and Multi-Dimensionality.

Under the umbrella Women of Beauty and Light, Ashara holds space in Circles of Beauty and Light for an immersion into our palpable "inner body" energy field. Here we find our own unique pathway to connecting and merging with our feminine essence and I AM PRESENCE. She guides women into the profoundly nurturing nature of dance in Feminine Dance Alchemy (FEMDA) where we source creation and expression from deep within our body resonance.

Now, with AWAKENING TO ASCENSION, Ashara opens the space to anyone who feels the call to the Higher Dimensional Consciousness of the 5th Dimension and beyond. Whether you're just starting your journey or have advanced along the way - or are just simply curious - she provides a safe and inclusive space for information exchange and experiential exploration.

"What's coming.... will require that you CHOOSE and COMMIT to which Earth you want to exist on. The old one will intensify and collapse, while NEW Earth thrives and is more abundant and easier than ever before. Go inside, access those subtle dimensions and expand across all to achieve all that you came here to BE and DO. As you do, everything comes forth to support you... for you didn't come here to fail.... you came here to AWAKEN and COME ALIVE FULLY again".   - Lisa Transcendence Brown

  • Can you sense the subtle but profound changes that are flooding the Earth at this time?
  • Is the Ascension Path calling to you?
  • Are you curious about what awaits us in the Golden Age?
  • Are you drawn to learn more and uncover your own part in this great Shift?
  • Do you long to feel supported through sharing your experience with others who are on the same journey?

If so we invite you to join our circle.

Each time we meet we'll explore a different aspect of Ascension in order to reclaim our Multi-Dimensional nature and consciously choose New Earth.

The process of Ascension is multi-faceted and experiential in nature. In circle we're able to feel more deeply into the Light and Love of Unity consciousness. By merging with our Heart Resonance and I AM PRESENCE, we raise our frequency so that we can bring higher vibrational versions of ourselves into our daily lives.

Through this we become the change.

Although there's some discussion and information exchange, we focus on Embodied Practices and connecting to the Unity Grid through sharing.

Friday March 31st 7:00pm - 9:00pm