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Dawn James

 Dawn James is a Conscious Living teacher and author of ‘Raise Your Vibration’ trilogy. She is formally trained in sound healing, intuitive healing, Reiki and Pranic healing. Following a spiritual awakening in 2003, she became a writer and sound healer. She has written seven books on vibrational frequency and conscious living. Read full bio at



SATURDAY SEPT. 21, 2019  4 -6 pm or 7 – 9 pm Session


A Harmonic Experience

Join Sound healer Dawn James, as she holds sacred space for a group sound healing circle. Receive harmonic vibrations as she plays crystal and Tibetan bowls, rain stick, steel drum, tuning forks and more. The alpha tones and harmonic overtones of these instruments can bring balance, clarity, and peace to our physical and energy bodies.
 Dawn became a sound healer and writer in 2003 after her spiritual awakening. Prior to the sound bath, Dawn will briefly share the 4 spiritual lessons she learned from her awakening and how we can live without creating more karma, based on her newest book 
Raise the Vibration Between Us: Forgiveness, Karma, and Freedom. 

 We hope you join us either at 4 pm or 7 pm start time.

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With Dawn James

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