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Archana Rama

Archana has taught & practiced crystal & aura healing for over 30 years. She is certified as a Gemstone healer, Reiki master, Huna practitioner, Aromatherapy and trained in aura reading & balancing, meditation, yoga and is a medical & spiritual intuitive.

During her session she use my gemstones along with botanicals.  She chooses the gemstone intuitively as per individual need.  Gemstones and botanicals both work well together.

Her approach to healing is based on Ayurveda.  Where the use of minerals, botanicals as well as yoga meditation.  She developed a meditation system which is easy to follow and practice. The meditation retreats and workshops are she offers are for all age groups. 

Archana has lived both in Canada and India where she has volunteered with Mother Theresa, & worked with and for the Dalai Lama, and has been a Buddhist nun for the last 8 years.

Together with her mother, she runs the Savitri Foundation for women. Part of the proceeds of all jewellery sales goes towards underprivileged women & youth to help them find their own economic independence by teaching them business skills through mentorship. Visit Archana's Website here

$295 for 3 Days

Learn to see and read Auras.   Auras deal with the metaphysical aspect of human sensory.  Aura of an individual tells us our state of physical and emotional well-being. We can check our own Auric field and balance ourselves. Aura is formed by our subatomic particles.  Aura can be of many colors and the energy movements that are happening around your body.

We can see the aura of water in the form of Rainbow. Water is clear, colorless, and full of movement and energy. The (H2O) hydrogen and oxygen molecule make this liquid. This molecule was not natural to the earth. This element, water, was sent to earth from the universe to create life and to cool off the planet. The light from the sun that opens the water molecule and shows its perfect balance. People will notice that the intensity of the rainbow depends on sunlight. Light is very important to see Aura. Ancient people were able to pick-up on Auric field and communicate with the body to heal, remove disease, and cure illness.

This Course will teach how to see and interpret Auras:

  • Learn to balance Auras
  • Seeing and analyzing Auras
  • Chakra system
  • Meditation
  • Balancing Auras
  • Healing Auras
  • We will interpret colors in the auric field
  • The eye gazing will improve your eye sight
  • Increase depth and light perception
  • Learn to relax and rest with the meditation techniques
  • Breathing and Mudras to build our energy fields
  • Balance our own and other peoples Aura

May 12, 19 & 26, 2018. 3:30pm - 8:30pm (This is a 3 day Training)

Healing the Emotion of Money in Your Life!


Archana Rama

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