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$160 USD Regular

(After November 15)

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With Julia Ananda Bryer

A Day of Healing Workshop

ONE LIGHT HEALING TOUCH Energy Healing and Mystery School

$140 USD Early Bird

(Until November 15)

Julia Ananda Bryer
Certified One Light Healing Touch Instructor-Practitioner

JULIA ANANDA BRYER is a Certified One Light Healing Touch Instructor-Practitioner, who has been working with energy healing since 2011, and is also a yoga therapist and a yoga festival producer. She has a private practice in the Salt Lake City region of Utah in which she seamlessly weaves together OLHT energy healing techniques, sound healing mantra, meditation, visualization, breath work, gentle movement and sacred ceremony.  Julia sees the beauty and truth in each person and has a deep compassion for each individual's humanity, experiences, and current way in which they walk through the world. Julia loves deeply and joyfully, and her students and clients benefit from this love and her integrity of spirit. Visit her website here.

Sunday November 17 2019 10am - 5pm

Learn and experience hands on healing in this powerful one-day training. Learn how to access and apply the healing energies that we all possess to clear emotional and physical blockages, deepen spiritual connections, increases understanding and awareness, and bring greater balance to Body, Mind and Spirit.

  • Methods to release years of accumulated stress and negative emotional programming.
  • The Six Sacred Self-Healing Practices to deepen personal healing and increase spiritual awareness: Meditation, Visualization, Sound Work, Breath Work, Movement, and Sacred Ceremony.
  • The Acclaimed One Light Healing Touch “Nine Point Protocol” that teaches us how to perform healing in a protective and ethical manner.
  • Scanning, Radiant, and Color Healing. Three profoundly effective healing techniques that will help us to heal family, friends, clients and ourselves.

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